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With a few notable exceptions (let's all admit it, Mick Jagger isn't really that good of a singer), there was minimum level of talent required before Madonna and the like lurched on the scene. Yes, I said that too. Her talent is selling herself, which she is quite genious at. But since her advent, we expect so little out of hit-makers today.
There are many gifted people out there performing to large audiences, but in between their songs on the radio I would have to listen to Miley Cyrus. Thank the Lord for talk radio.

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I have always loved this song, but was too busy learning to walk when it aired. Thank you for giving us the back story.
I love how this highlights that David Bowie, not known as the most moral of men, and Bing Crosby, a faithful and devout Catholic, can hunger for the same thing, "Peace on earth, goodwill towards all men!"
May the Prince of Peace be with all of you this holy season.

". . .because of the tender mercy of our God,
With which the Sunrise from on high will visit us,
To shine upon those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death,
To guide our feet into the way of peace.”

Luke 1

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Why did we chuck him again? I know he sucks at the debates, but Obama did a slick job and look what we got out of that. He isn't perfect but he has a much more consistent CONSERVATIVE track record than Newt and Romney have. Really, slick responses in debates aside, because we all know what that gets us, I find myself going back to a governor with a much more consistent record. Honestly, could you ever actually picture him doing an add with Pelosi? We can forgive Newt that, but we can't forgive "mandatory" vaccination? How about Newt's individual mandate that we all buy health insurance? I mean, he wants us to buy the better kind, but we still have to buy it. We can assume Newt has a change of heart and forgive him some big things, but we can't look past Perry's political conversion, that happened 20 years ago?
Why are we letting the media pick our candidate?
Romney is just more of the same.

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Gerard Butler as a former-biker-turned-Sudanese-Missionary defending villages with the Bible and a machine gun? Really, quite possibly the pinnacle of my movie going experience.

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This is nothing more than the dark heart of evil. It beats strong in the production meetings of Hollywood, and recognizes and allies itself with those who promote the fascist tenants of Islam. It cloaks itself in good deeds, social conciosness, and moral relativism. It's blood is provided by men who believe themselves good; they can hear no argument to the contrary, believing they are saving us from our despised Judeo-Christian heritage. All because they know better than we do.
While you may not ascribe to his claims to divinity, a Great Teacher once called evil "a shinning darkness." Is there a phrase out there that could better describe the way Hollywood glitters?
The first step in countering evil is in recognizing it. Let's call this rot what it is.

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Yes, yes, what is even more disconcerting is that, despite the mandatory whippings and imprisonment for ideas, seizure of private goods, re-education programs and outright disappearances, morale has still not improved.

Oh Karl, what is this world coming to? The workers want fair compensation for their labor. It's just terrible, terrible.

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The American wants $20 -$25. Maybe he will take that now, but he wouldn't have 10 years ago when Diego was crossing the border for the first time. And now Senor Jack has his trusted crew put together and won't hire a white guy. He's even holding a spot for Diego to come back because although he got picked up last month by ICE, his brother Roberto looks just like him and has a driver's license because he got hurt on a job and can stay here for 8 years. So as soon as Diego gets Roberto's drivers license he's coming back. So white guys won't get hired, because someone is holding a spot. The only way that Diego doesn't get work is if you ask for ID (Roberto and Diego can't use the same ID).

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What? He's so important here! Who else would write biting open letters in praise of murderous dictators? We need him to travel around so we have someone to tell us "There's nothing to see here, move along" in English. Who else would interfere with actual rescue efforts so that he can bring "awareness" (I do think his "unaware" look is way more conincing, for the record}.
More importantly, who else can keep Scarlett Johansen from ruining the life of nice young Canadian boys?

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"Oh, the humanity!" This still brings me to tears of laughter. It was kind of strange too. My parents were really conservative about the things I could watch as a kid (my mom was skeptical about the Smurfs for goodness sake), but somehow this show slipped through the cracks. Either my older brothers and sisters overrode her objections or it was just that funny.
But WKRP introduced me to how cool burnouts could be.

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How do you say "useful idiot" in Spanish?

Sean Penn is the extreme example of a man who takes himself way too seriously. Hollywood seems to be littered with these types.