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Interesting keyword, glad to see more support for mono-colored decks.

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Agreed, it'd be nice to see graveyard recursion get more support.

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First a deck themed around best pony and best princess, now a way to get chase rares without having to spend disgusting amounts of capitol?

Nice work Enterplay, you've almost made up for the fact that you printed a Twilicane card.

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The "Big Mac and AJ are really Applebloom's parents" crowd are going to have a field day with this episode.

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No enjoyable stories, no endearing characters, only poorly thought out marketing and forced, unfunny memes .

Yep, that about sums up this season.

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I suspect the weird proportions Twilight ended up with post-season 3 had something to do with it. The Funko execs likely decided it wasn't worth the cost of creating a new, slightly different mold when they could just stick wings on the existing unicorn/earth pony mold and call it a day.

That said I wouldn't worry too much about the other Princess'. Considering the larger body types would definitely justify new molds their wings will likely be better realized.

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I can't be the only put off by how poorly done Twi's wings are, and before anyone starts preaching the gospels of "embracing change" and "show accuracy", keep in mind I'm speaking purely from a technical perspective.

The wings on all previous figures that had them were much better integrated. These just look slapped on, more like a mediocre custom job then an official product.

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Make it so, brother. The body is a canvas, and what are knives and drills, but brushes and chisels?

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Totally read that in Rarity's voice.

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I've already stated why I'm skeptical of claims that CR is on some kind of childish crusade against the fandom. Simply repeating those claims without anything backing them up will do little to sway me.

Speaking as someone who went through a large chunk of his twitter archive during the height of the Twilicorn backlash and found nothing, no childish insults, no accusing anyone who liked season three of not being true fans, nothing. All I saw was a fan expressing frustration that something he enjoyed, from his perspective, was going down hill. That's not to say he handled himself well 100% of the time, but then again neither did his detractors.

And, not wanting to come off like a hypocrite, Here he is saying that his thoughts on the show shouldn't effect anyone's enjoyment of it. As well as him encouraging his followers too support brony artists who need the money.
http://cr-familiar-faces.tumblr.com/post/43349042... http://cr-familiar-faces.tumblr.com/post/54034730...

Yeah, what an asshole.