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How refreshing...a Republican spokesman finally going on the offensive against the agenda-driven, prejudiced lamestream media. It's about time when the Republican leadership realizes this is the biggest battle they will ever wage, and if they don't conduct their campaign aggressively come Nov. the country will be doomed. Why aren't they all doing this???

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"the people who pushed you forward wanted nothing but power"

--The same could be said of the myriad special interest groups who helped elect the leftists in our government in 2008. Nature abhors a vacuum, and those with radical agendas constantly search for any brief opportunity to seize control.

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Next time you get an application for a credit card, check out the terms in the fine print. One we had recently from American Express directed us to contact the Federa Reserve's website if we had any questions about credit cards. Why in heaven's name is the Federal Reserve sticking their nose in the credit card business? Their chartered purpose is regulating the monetary supply, not credit.

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WHEN is the Republican leadership going to realize they can't merely stand on principle and expect to win? Boehner thinks all he has to do is get in front of the cameras one time and proclaim reasoned opposition to the left's position and he will succeed. When are he and the ancient Republican leadership in the Senate going to understand that the Democrats and Obama saturate the media with their message via the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, etc. DAILY and the Republicans are only given a voice occasionally on Fox, Breitbart and a few others? The Republicans have GOT to start building their case EVERY DAY with MASSIVE media blitzes, otherwise everything, including next year's presidential race is doomed.

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Considering how often their tactics have failed to trigger a civil war, I am reminded of the alternative definition of insanity....

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Seeing the picture of the Ben Bernanke, I am reminded of a mailing we received recently from a major credit card company trying to get our business. Under the Important Information Regarding Rates, Fee, and Other Cost Information there is a section For Credit Card Tips from the Federal Reserve Board:

"To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Federal Reserve Board at"

Since WHEN does the Federal Reserve have anything to do with private credit cards??? MORE big government encroachment.

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Home run!!

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No truer words have ever been spoken. Get rid of the lobbying & thinly disguised buying of votes in DC, and the country could be cleaned up in short order.

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You gotta wonder how much longer German taxpayers are going to put up with their leaders squandering Germany's national treasure. It took the German people nearly 50 years to regain prosperity after WWII and now their leaders are handing it over to Greeks who refuse to adopt any real substantive cuts to their government-granted gravy train. And after Greece, it will be Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal....This bodes poorly not just for Germany. If Europe's house of cards falls which at some point it surely will, so will ours.

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Wow. Two insults in one utterance. He must have been working overtime.