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Shock jock? Really? If "slut" is the wrong term, then what, pray tell, is the correct term? Nymphomaniac? After all, we are talking about a 30 year old woman who wants the rest of us to pay for her sex life, which apparently costs her at least $1k per year. Perhaps instead of demanding that the rest of us be coerced into enabling her somewhat less than moral lifestyle she should charge a fee to her partners to provide for the maintenance of her birth control needs. After all, it's not prostitution since they'll be paying for the pill, not the... well, fill in the rest yourself.

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Once again, the regime of President for Life B. Hussein Obama Jr. has decided to pick winners and losers....
Winners: CEOs of "green" energy companies who receive billions of taxpayer dollars and OPEC countries that export oil to the U.S.
Losers: U.S taxpayers who are robbed blind by "green" CEOs and anyone who has to pay for gas to fuel his vehicle.

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Well of course..... How else are they going to keep convincing teenage boys to have sex with them if they can't get their boob jobs and facelifts?

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She just assumes we feel the same way about all women (womyn?) as many people do about Pelosi, Boxer, Rodham-Clinton and Wasserman-Schultz. It's a logical fallacy of over generalization. Just because the American people despise a few individuals who happen to be women does not mean that the American people despise all women.

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Better than Obama.... If he didn't have the enormous train of personal baggage he would probably be the front-runner. Gingrich came undone because of his lack of self-control in his personal life, an object lesson for all of us.

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No easy answers other than ANWAR, Keystone XL, Gulf Oil Drilling, Dakota/Colorado oil sands, permits for new refineries and one gasoline mix for the whole nation. Of course it must be Bush's fault for blocking all of those answers.

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U6 unemployment is the REAL number..... People who have given up finding jobs have, ironically, boosted B. Hussein Obama Jr.'s U3 numbers.... REAL unemployment currently stands at between 14 and 17%. Amazing that the same MSM which screamed bloody murder about a "depression" over 4.5% unemployment numbers during the Bush years is singing BHO Jr.'s praises over 8.5% (fake) unemployment numbers.

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He's only a weakling if one goes on the assumption Obama actually opposes Iranian nukes and Iran's goal of destroying Israel. If, on the other hand, one believes Obama sympathizes with Iran for some unknown (religious?) reason or the other, and that Obama harbors an irrational and murderous hatred for Israel, then perhaps being a "weakling" is not the exact problem here.

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NO to Romney (aka the White Obama).

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If one of the OWS crowd gets it into his drug-addled head to bomb the DNC will he become a hero? Or will the Tea Party be blamed? I'm sure I already know the answer.