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If you have never seen this little Penn and Teller bit, it is worth seeing.

That states it as plain as can be.

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Just more proof that my 1911 beats your 911 anyday.

....remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

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Yes, I do not believe that our forefathers wished our militia undergunned. What on earth would be the purpose of a poorly armed militia? to die?

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Once again, not one reporter asked or answered the following questions:

1. Did the killer have the gun leagally?
2. How many laws (already in effect) did the killer break in committing this crime?
3. Did the victims have the legal right to defend themselves in place that they were killed (ie. able to carry a weapon)?
4. Were the police, even after onsite, able to stop a single victim from being shot?

Then there is my personal favorite, which is more difficult to quantify but more to the point.

1. How many people could have been saved if just one of the victims was armed?

These atrocities have once again driven horribly ignorant (if well meaning) people to call for dissarming law abiding citizens to punish criminals.

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At what point will those denying the socialist charge concede? I am not dissapointed in Obama, I saw him for what he was a year ago and expected this. I am somewhat dissapointed that the most of the USA has not yet taken up pitch-forks. The Democrats have done an absolutely astonishing job at playing on the ignorant and the fearful in a time of crisis.

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Obama and his adminstration is a train wreck in slow motion. Geither can't find anyone smart enough to be useful but stupid enough to be part of the office that will be cursed for a century for driving the USA over a cliff. I would find that amusing if it didn't effect everything that I hold ear.

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They are obviously not to be taken seriously, but it is bewildering how they can pontificate all day long without seeing their own hypocricy. I do believe that they believe what they say, but their hate and ideaology clouds their judgement.

That being said, they are definitely feeling threatened....very funny. I hope they have invested all of their retirement money into MSNBC.

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There is a tremendous amount of energy within America with little to no direction. Like it or not, you are the lightning rod. You must act. Please, just say a date, just a date, for a unified tea party across america, and stand back and watch.

Just a date......please....

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Don't you just hate it when reality ruins your plans?

This adminstration's plans have become highly suspect. What on earth are they trying to achieve? It is becoming increasing and painfully clear that Obama thought his charm and inherent "brilliance" would get us through. Well no, you actually need to know what you are doing.

Obama should read more. Prior to making history, he should have studied it.

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Barny Frank is doing what he does best, blaming everyone else and making himslef smell like roses, even though he is the one who brought the manure to the party.

Mr. Frank is one of the worst politicians in American history, and perhaps the most culpable architect behind the economic downfall of the entire United States, and he has the gall to claim rightious indignation....again? Does anyone else feel ill when he speaks?

This country used to have standards, very, very high standards. Now we have Barny Frank telling us we should be upset. We need to take this country back.