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You are correct that I advocate targeting one person politically, not personally. I even debated using the word 'target' in this case, but I figured that it is technically a valid use of the word and I think we're all adult enough to know the difference in usage.

I agree that the liberal fascists and communists do a masterful job of marketing. They twist words to the point that no one would disagree with what they say on the surface, and very few people take the time to read or understand the issue. That's ANOTHER reason why we need to pick ONE FOE, and go after them. We then get the time and exposure to tell it like it is, rather than let the communists run their disinformation campaign.

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I have now read through all 349 (at this time) posts, and I see almost universal agreement that we all want to make sure our second amendment rights are not further degraded by laws which will do absolutely nothing to stop crime, and might - in fact - be unconstitutional. What I *Don't* see is a plan of action?

It has been said here more than once that the emphasis in gun control is not about 'guns' but about 'control'. I agree. So how do we take 'control' back? It seems that this site might be a good place to start. I am no genius, so the following are some thoughts that smarter people than me can comment on...

1. This is the time to take action, not the time to be quiet. If possible - and I don't know if it is - we should join together and sponsor a recall campaign against ONE senator or representative - and do it NOW.

Why just one? We need to concentrate our efforts (and resources) to have a positive effect - i.e., achieving the recall or resignation of our chosen target - to let the REST of the liberal loonies know we mean business, and wonder if they will be next? Just the shear volume of mail, email, faxes and phone calls we could generate could be enough to make them ineffective in their job, and therefore vulnerable.

MAKE NO MISTAKE - most of those in Washington will do ANYTHING to keep their power, aka control. I fear that this is the ONLY way we can affect a positive outcome, as Washington proves on a daily basis that they do not care what we as a population say. However, we CAN win this battle if we let the politicians know that it is political suicide to 'go after the guns'. If they see a proven downside in taking us on - one that could cost them their office - they will change their tune faster than you can say 'liberal politician'.

2. Create on this or another related website a CLEAR ranking of our senators and representatives and how they lobby and vote on this issue. This may already exist, but I am not aware of it?

3. Create a donation fund to be used to finance the campaigns of candidates who embody our principals.

In closing, know that I am not afraid to act. But I know that many of us acting in concert can have a much greater effect than if each of us goes off in their own direction. I, for one, would like to see a focused effort that we can all join, support, and see through to success.

What do you think?