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JW: I few weeks ago I discovered this place and was delighted to find it. I began participating and found everyone very engaged in conversation. I haven't posted in a while and it stated with the Achy thread that seem like it took weeks to ever leave the front page of Vent. I seldom get past the first page. I just hang on page 1, not sure why.

As I saw this post and began to read the relies, I saw within a few short relies later exactly what you were talking about. The bickering began. I signed up on a committee and found 2 things, I was waaaaaaay over my head and didn't have the extra time in my day that was needed to contribute effectively. (not sure I know enough to have made a contribution, it got so technical). Now I see emails between two members, one being very hostile, the other not know what the hostility is about.

I joined a group the other day, that as a mom place, and joined my state. By my second post I was being scrutinized and belittled by a member and told my post lost any credibility the minute they got to the sentence I has misspelled someone's name. When another mom on the site contacted me directly about the incident and told her I would not be back and there were other places who treated each other with much more respect and I named this one.

This place has helped me to keep up with what is happening and I've learned a whole lot from those who are much wiser than me on this site. I would like to think each of us defend and support each other with as much vigor as we do when someone slams

Yes, Vent seems to be concentrated more on the symptom, rather than solutions, but out of discussion with others about the symptoms, many ideas to the cures have come.

I think maybe one reason people have not gone on to the regions is because they want to stay right here, with the friends they have made. I'm probably wrong on this, it's just a thought. Before I found this site, I had joined up over at the National 9/12 site and even joined my state group. No one hard came or posted a thing. Maybe once every 3 or three weeks someone else would post that they have joined, but that would be the end of it.

I understand the difficulty of trying to filter through all the complaints and requests and I'm sure it takes up much of your time. And there are difficult decisions you have to make where it appears no one wins.

I hope to see 9/12 Communique contintue, but if you feel it should be closed. I support your decision.

I'm headed right now to my region and


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It appears Olympia Snowe is hold out for numbers from the CBO. I've written to her. My letter below.
I encourage more to write. Her web form is here:

Sen. Snowe:

Thank you so much for holding out until we, the American people, can know what the Backus Bill will cost.

Last year, more American's than ever before started to watch what is happening in Washington. Some because of Obama running for President and some because of the failed financial industry and the TRAP bill.

Whatever the reason, American's are watching closely. I'm a grandmother of 6, and worry what lay ahead for my grandchildren.

For the first time in my life I got active and went to a two tea parties this year and have started watching C-Span to see what you guys are doing.

I've been shocked at what I've learned over the past year. I had no idea the laws passed, that all of America must live by, are seldom read by the 'lawmakers'. I was stunned to know many times these bills that become law are written by outside groups.

How could this be. All my years of voting I thought my vote was about putting someone in place that would see what is broken or needs tweaking, laws that should be established, or those that don't, were over seen, scrutinized and heavily debated based on what your constituents feel and what is right for all of America. Imagine my shock and horror to find that is not the case.

I realize I'm not a constituent of yours, but your votes effect me, my family and my grandchildren's future just the same.

I'm pleading with you to vote no for anything that puts additional financial burdens on American's. We are taxed to death. If not by the federal government, then the state, or the local or rise in utility costs etc. We just can't take anymore.

Thank you for your time,

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All of this sounds wonderful, but I'm not sure how much tooth it has so to speak. Many mentioned you would call to Congress to testify, I don't believe would have to come and speak with you. Not that I don't want Waxman dethroned, but I'm just saying, this sounds more like lip service and I really don't mean this in a bad way. I'm more interested in what you would do to never have allowed this to come to pass in the first place, how strong you would be when strong armed by the "powers that be".

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This lawsuit is going no where fast. I'd like to see the suit and I've not been able to find it yet. It's not on PACER today and I'm sure it's under Federal jurisdiction.

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SEIU Andy Stern was on The Ed Show last night on MSNBC selling his snake oil aka public option. Sickening.

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I notice the one guy's email address is at Isn't that Al Gores stomping grounds?

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Isn't Al Gores place?

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Keith Olberman makes me so angry to just look at him I can't find words to express it. I absolutely HATE that man. It's a shame he actually takes up space here on earth, uses oxygen and eats precious food. I hate this man so bad that if I knew anyone who watched him, friend or family, I would never speak to them again. Oh, and did I mention, I hate Keith Olberman.

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Just another example of what we are dealing with:
I was on twitter a bit ago, looking at all the ACORN tweets. This one stuck out at me:
@theabw Since ACORN is not the way. Suggest another program to help people to live the American Dream. Sir. Ma'am. Whoever u are.

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I've read this post, and every reply and still don't have a clue what anyone is talking about other than some bankers are dropping dead. I know I must be the dumbest person on this board... I feel so stupid!