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Vinyl? Is that you?

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Mine is a bit of a long story. In the summer of 2012, I was on a camp trip to niagera falls. After having one of the best burgers in my life at Boston pizza in the town of America ( see the yelp review I left, it was incredible) I walked around town for a bit. I had just enough time before getting on the bus to head back to the states, to stop in one of those tourist kiosks. Inside the store they had all sorts of cheap junk (lighters, post cards etc.) but also a selection of hats and shirts. This was my first introduction to pones. I saw a trucker style SnapBack with the phrase "20 % cooler" on the back with rainbow dash on the front. <a href="" target="_blank">" target="_blank"> I heard some one yell " sob! Come on we got to go!" Fearing that I would suffer from regret of not getting it, I payed about $30 Canadian dollars for it and got back on the bus. Fast forward to the fall of 2013. I was putting into my Xbox NHL 14 when I noticed the hat. I got curious for a second, but got bored and when onto YouTube and typed in rise against. I clicked accidentally on a pmv called architects and loved the song. I purchased the album endgame. Go to December I was again about to play nhl when the hat yet again, caught my eye.out of curiosity, I went to daily motion and watched a few episodes. The first Season was alright I guess, but when kept me in we're the .mov videos, smile hd, and bronies react. I started to watch the second season and when " a canterlot wedding" I was hooked. I watched season 3 and still kept at it. Finally season 4 was what fully converted me and now I own merchandise and that's basically it.

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Rainbow rocks is back up on youtube

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Anyone going to the one in Washington township Nj on Saturday?

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Shana tova everyone!

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Vinyl or Rd

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Who would win in a fight: Chuck Norris or Maud?

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Derpy the element of acceptance

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You spelled references wrong