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Thank you Horsey, it was a simple question that really got under the skin of two people on here. Thanks for answering
Agreed it's a shame the City and Current HHA are being dragged into this. The current commissioners are doing a great job, and seem to be doing without outside puppeteering.

Watch the city $ettle....especially heading into an election year. $ettlements seem to be in this season.

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Sounds like someone is hypothetically insane

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Her insanity was just certified... again.
I bet her rocket science husband is thinking she can still take from both old and new and win if the field is flooded.
When she tried after Cammarano, her husband was public in his belief she could get Corzine Dems, (After Christie dismissed her ) a portion of Republicans, enough Old Hoboken and shave a bit of New to win that special election.
Too bad she got crushed again.

Why not take that money and do some good. like taking that money and moving out of town!
She's such an asshole

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I think it's important to review the zoning first, do we want to expand the CBD up to 14th street first , set where restaurants and the like should be expanded and then review the licensing. Currently one can't open a new restaurant ( where one doesn't exist ) above 5th street without a variance- whether it serves alcohol or byob.

Review both zoning and ABC regs at the same time. I do appreciate Doyle and Giattino opening this discussion as we face increased competition. Even JC heights has now expanded a restaurant row right on Palisades Ave.

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Asbury, Red Bank, Morristown and Jersey City do quite fine and have less clubs , more restaurants without strict 500 ft rule
Morristown also has quite a large number of high end BYOB's. The fact they have MPAC which gets broadway and national tours and headline performers attracts more dining patrons than strictly partiers.

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Nice you want to displace your neighbors
Good luck paying the taxes with 80% of those in flood zones gone. Enjoy paying down the bonds and city debt.

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^^^ out of town alt-right troll- go back to Breitbart

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So relocate 80% of a city which sits in a flood zone? You're an idiot or insane
Even if everyone you suggested leaves, they would still need to protect the rail yards and tunnels.

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You obviously don't own property or care to keep Hoboken a populated city

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"If you want choice then pay extra for a plan that allows more choice. "

Since I have private it's not an issue, but most single payers ONLY option is Obamacare. Not sure why you dont get that fact that NOT one plan allows you to cross state lines even the most expensive plans there are.

The fact that it was various points along the way by Obama/ Christie/ Sweeney/ Stack and final legislation that caved to NJ providers who demanded only plans with NJ providers be offered in this state.

You can be willing to pay 2000 a month for one person, there's simply no plan. And unless you're a union, trade group or traditonal employee, Obamacare NJ is the only option for some since Single payers and 1099 are now all automatically directed to even if you make 400,000 a year, the private single plans that allow NY or PA doctors are nowhere to be found- on Obamacare