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Further proof that Kim-Jong [mentally] Il is in fact the Grinch.

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'Jingle Dogs' and 'I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas' on a continuous loop.

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Sadly, I suspect your words maybe more true than we care to admit. It all comes down to us putting their feet to the fire and keeping them there.

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You speak with the voice of a prophet. I fear he is setting the stage for some very bad things indeed- either as architect or perpetrator.

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Woodrow Sodding Wilson strikes again. I hate that guy.

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You know the crap has hit the socialist fan when the UK of all places says "um, yeah...we have to shrink govt and get the private sector back to the fore. " Socialism doesn't work. The only thing it produces is piles of dead bodies and misery.

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Mary Matlin is Padme, Michelle Malkin is Leia, Rush is Obi Wan, William F. Buckley is Yoda, Hannity is Han Solo and last but not least Herman Cain as the eternal bad ass Mace Windu.

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The Ethiopian Jews beg to differ with these kids.

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Where is NOW? Where are the feminist groups? Where is Amnesty Int'l? Not a damn peep out of them. They didn't protest in Trenton after a judge gave a Muslim man a pass for raping his wife, because it's cool under Sharia law. They don't show up at trials for men who kill their daughters & wives as an honour killing. They close their eyes & ears to the abuse and murder of women in the Muslim world, but God help you if you talk to a woman about other options instead of abortion.

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When will Dark Emperor Palpatine call her back to her evil home world?