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Re Rush losing bid to enter NFL ownership. It is their (NFL) loss. As my mom always said show me who your friends are and I will show you your future. Who wants to be assoc with over paid criminals ( rapists, drug addicts and animal abusers) just to be able to sit in the owner's box.

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Jindal/Palin in 2012

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Well I watched this doc that O'Riley recommended even though it was on the commie channel PBS. I am an old social worker somthing like a community organizer. What the military plans to do is to community organize Afganistan into loving us and a vibrant working democracy and hating the warloads. Honestly... the upshot was that the troops have orders to talk them into being good.. LOLOLOLOL. Then the parting shot was that Pakistan was harboring the Taliban and we were financing Pakistan. To me a more air strikes and troops on the ground fighting a real war would take care of it in about 6 mo. McCrystal is a straw man. All ideology and no real military ideas. The only time a country loves us is when we leave them better off than when we found them. God what a bunch of Twits are running this country.

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There are two horrible things going on right now. The threats towards Isreal. and the movement by the left to absolve Polanski of a rape of a 13 year old girl. Please write letters to the view, Toys R Us and anyone else you can think of to protest this monster's possible release.

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Wow. It just keeps rolling out. Nancy has her panties in a wad worrying about violence...We do not need to use any violence all we need is a camera and some very brave young people. God bless them.

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I am so sick of the race card being played every time something is not going the way Blacks think it should go for them. You do not see the Asians, American Indians or other races doing this. No they have their noses to the grindstone ( or the casino ( a joke) Obama's goal is reparations for Blacks. All of his programs point in that direction. He has stated publically that reparations do not go far enough in compensating the American Black pop. What about the Indians? Jeez Louise I am so sick of this crap. Get a job get a life and move on. I am so happy the Indians are making money on the casinos off of white man's "sin" ( a joke) There are lots of sites that have infor re secession. It may be our only answer.

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Jimmy Carter has more "White Guilt" than any white person I have ever seen.

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Yeah i saw that too. I think Bill is wanting to cop some cred from Glenn. Bill is just too " fair and balanced" for this war.

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Has anyone heard of ? Heard something about it on radio this a.m. Going to try to check it out myself.