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I know who he was, the was the Commander of the Japanese Fleet in the Pacific during WWII, He was shot down by P38 Army Land based group after we cracked the code and knew that he would be flying. We found that group of planes and bye bye Yamamoto.

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You do know that if they really tighten gun laws the only ones who will have guns are the criminals. Gun laws DO NOT apply to them. They just get them off the street. Do you really think someone who commits a crime with a gun, uses a liscensed gun, registered in his/her own name? Get real. How come states like TX where almost everyone carries, have a lower violent crime rate than the city of New York.!!

Before you say something, I live just outside of NYC on Long Island

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coz were hiding him. Like the underground railroad people

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Let them fight over the candy. If your kid doesn't get much, tell him to fight harder next time to get more, noone should just give you anything if you don't work for it.
Don't expect anyone to hand you what you want on a silver platter. That was something my mother always said.

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Hey regarding the credit card bill, my 2 NY senators split the vote, 1 nay, 1 yea. Of course Schumer voted nay

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Now this is beyond obsurd!!!! BO made the statement today while in SAUDIA ARABIA that this country is NOT a Christian country, and is more a MUSLIM country. WTF is this!?!?!?! This ass has to be taught some facts before he opens his mouth. And I'm not talking about Biden!!!! OMG, Just when you think he can't do anything else stupid, he does something else to amaze us!!!! Jesus Christ!!!

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Hey here' another newsflash, I'm the first to post on this page..

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Oh acheyjake, please don't go. You have some interesting thoughts, there is some direction if people use the tools that are here like checking out the link for meet-ups like I did so that I got involved in, so people can get involved

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North Korea is gonna be a big problem. We are going to be right back to where we were in 1952. We are gonna have another Korean War. Oh I'm sorry they technically called it a "police Action". We need to send our forces to that area, get intel on what's going on, secretly and don't let the NY Times print it, Our troops are on high alert apparently who are in the DMZ and in Japan. This is scary to me as I have a son in the USN. A friend of mine had told me that most of the country didn't know how close we were to nuclear war during the Cuban Missle Crisis. I guess the American people won't be in the dark this time with the "transparency" we were promised....yeah right. This is a perfect example of covert intel, and what it can do to protect us. I don't believe you can actually see what's inside N.Korea using Google, that is pretty amazing, but can the intel agents use all these images and ones that they HAVEN'T released to thier advantage?? We can't let our current administration tie the hands of the agents that will be working on this situation. There I said it

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I think some of those questions I saw on Neil Cavuto are bull. There is no, absolutely NO reason the gov't needs to have those questions answered. Here's a thought, Question: How many cars do you own? Answer: Any person with illegal thoughts would look to see if all the cars are there, so they will know if your home or not. Question: What time do you leave for work every day? Answer: Similar as my previous answert. So the perp knows exactly when to be at your home, to check for how many cars are there, before they rob your home. There that's my thought on the questions