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Says I've already taken the poll!?? Interesting, since I've been out of town for a week and away from any computer.

I do not believe there is a poll . . . I think CNN is just throwing up numbers.

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And not one soul in the media has said this. Not one. Not Fox. Not O'Reilly. Not even Glenn Beck.

They're all in bed together on this one. Shame on them all.

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The term Hispanic is derived from Hispanicus, which derived from Hispania (Iberian Peninsula), both of them Latin terms.

The Iberian Peninsula includes Spain and Portugal.

Spanish is used to refer to both to the Spanish language itself and to the culture and the people of Spain.

The practice of limiting "hispanic" to mean only pertaining to Spain is a fairly recent invention, and today it is true that Portuguese Americans are not considered "Hispanic" by the United States Census Bureau.

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Almost overnight is how fast it went...

I had a cousin who went to SHA a LONG time ago - got into trouble for pushing a nun into the duck pond. I taught at SHS for a number of years. When I moved there, some of the local 'vested' folk asked how far back my ancestors went in Cullman county (as a subtle put-down). I told them my great-grandfather rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest and ran yankees out of the area so their ancestors could move in some twenty years later. That shut them up PDQ!

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She's not even the first Hispanic SCOTUS nominee.

Google "Benjamin Cardozo."

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SHS, or St B! Bless yer heart...

Lived there for years. Still have two kids and some grandkids there.

Cullman is 'special,' doncha know! This is nothing compared to what I've seen happen there.

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They're saying it's not a fine, but a "shared responsibility payment!"

"The legislation would exempt certain hardship cases from fines, which would be collected through the income tax system." So if someone cannot afford it, We The People will make up for it through another kind of "shared responsibility payment" on April 15.

Someone needs to be indicted for this lunacy.

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True, but earning the license now allows one to prepare today for the 'shtf' scenario tomorrow. While some hams are in it for the pure enjoyment of the craft, which is perfectly OK, many of us are into the Emergency Communications areas and responsibilities. See here --> http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/emergency/

When all other communications fail, ham radio will still punch through. Guaranteed.

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Don't just purchase the radio, earn the license so you can use it.

--... ...-- -.. . -.- . ....- ..- ... .-.. .-.-.

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"California EPA has issued a draft study indicating that there is some evidence from studies in humans that marijuana smoke is associated with increased cancer risk. Studies in animals also provide some evidence that marijuana smoke induces tumors, with benign and malignant tumors observed in rats exposed via inhalation, malignant tumors in rats exposed via subcutaneous injection as newborns, and benign tumors in mice exposed dermally. Studies investigating the genotoxicity, immunotoxicity, and effects on endocrine function and cell signaling pathways provide additional evidence for the carcinogenicity of marijuana smoke. Finally, the similarities in chemical composition and in toxicological activity between marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke, and the presence of numerous carcinogens in marijuana (and tobacco) smoke, provide additional evidence of carcinogenicity."http://normanswei.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/it-is-official-almost-that-marijuana-smoke-is-carcinogenic/

Cancer isn't the only concern.

"...marijuana smokers can have many of the same respiratory problems as tobacco smokers, such as daily cough and phlegm production, more frequent acute chest illness, a heightened risk of lung infections, and a greater tendency toward obstructed airways. A study of 450 individuals found that people who smoke marijuana frequently but do not smoke tobacco have more health problems and miss more days of work than nonsmokers." http://www.nida.nih.gov/infofacts/marijuana.html