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It is just a shame that one cannot go back and give the Rev. a photoshopped or better still, real photo of Hoover in a skirt or getting a beej from Clyde. Just have him sign off on the back "Hypocritical Honky Motherfucker says WHAT?" on the back with "We have more and with negatives." just below.

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Four more years of handouts to the business class and crony appointments to look forward to. Scooter will not disappoint the Koch's and other investors.

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Christie and Scooter will be just fine, especially Scooter, with the legislature tied up and the courts already chock full of Thompson appointees that are barely literate enough to read toilet paper labels. Maybe the papers might make a fuss, but barely anyone in Wisconsin reads anymore.

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I would take that in a more literal sense, coming out Christie's ass won't mangle his skull up any more than it has been. Chris could probably use the roughage too...

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The eyes aren't just crossed, they're not on the same plane either as are the two halves of his skull, ears etc. Mom Walker must still be feeling that one.

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Well, Dubya did the same thing so it seems to be a tradition there. Moron governors are one too, but being from Wisconsin, I can't toss too many stones (Tommy Thompson, Scooter kind of qualify in that department too). At least we don't have the death penalty here.


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No snark, best wishes and positive thoughts going your way. Congratulations to you both. Considering how bloody awful things have been of late, it is refreshing to see someone finding some happiness out there.

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I am still expecting a "Waukesha Miracle" where 2000% of eligible voters will have voted to keep Scooter in the rubber stamp room for the Fitzgerald boys, but who knows, maybe we will get an honest election out of this mess.

Scooter will probably win by a razor's margin and Waukesha County will put him over the top,

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The contrasts would be delicious: Ann rolled up in a fetal ball while $arah lounges around Mitten's pool in bikini, sagging breasts bobbling between her knees swigging a Bud Light saying "Damn! A girl could get used to this!" as Mittens develops his first calluses from all the facepalms.

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Same stink, different mouthpiece, Andy is the gift that keeps on giving. Even if sane rational people don't want any.