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This game is fantastic, and I highly recommend you check out her other two games: "Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story" and "Analogue: A Hate Story". They're all vastly different in tone and gameplay (DTIPBIJAYS is a more traditional visual novel, while Analogue is almost exclusively reading), but they all have very interesting things to say about humanity and society. CANNOT recommend them enough.

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A quick heads-up for Ace Attorney:

Personally, I find the DS Lite is the best way to experience Ace Attorney. First off, all 6 games are available for it (though only 5 in English, because Capcom is a bunch of gits). Secondly, the screens are nice and bright. While the HD version is coming out for iOS soon, videos I've seen online show it seems to lack some of the charm of the original spritework. Also, they use a pseudo-dualscreen setup that makes it really tiny on the iPhone. Assuming it also works on the iPad, though, then that might be acceptable. In the end, however, you'll still need a DS for Ace Attorney 4 and Investigations.

PS: Best. Series. Ever.

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Majora's Mask reference. A Best Game. I approve.

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Plus, he's seeing how screwed-up Buffy is financially, and that can't help either. She's always been in charge and on top of things, so seeing her floundering like this has got to make him (and everyone) nervous.

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Don't get me wrong, I love Brosnan. Goldeneye was the 007 movie that got me into the franchise. It's just a shame he didn't get any other particularly great movies. The only actor I sort of dislike is Moore, due to the slapstick nature of his movies (I agree with the rant about the gondola and pigeon double-take). Lazenby was also very underrated, but having only one movie to his name will do that.

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Daniel Craig > Timothy Dalton > Sean Connery > Pierce Brosnan > George Lazenby > Roger Moore.

Though I must admit, the upper 3 tend to shuffle around a lot. It's hard to rate Craig completely since he does a phenomenal job but Quantum of Solace was a very weak movie, and poor Dalton deserved more time in the role. He did a great job pulling off both the humorous Moore-style comedy (but better), as well as the darker, serious aspects of Bond.

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This is how I've always interpreted it. Interesting to see how other people read it, though!

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Somehow I never realized that Anne was that Anne. Huh.

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It always weirds me out when I'm watching Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse and I see some backdrop from where I grew up. The scene at the mall with the kidnapping is the Valencia Town Center, which is only like 10 minutes away from where I live. It completely breaks my focus. And it's weird seeing what has changed and, more interestingly, what hasn't. Anyone else get that experience before?

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Glorious image.