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Jack Sux, you are correct--Andrew Jackson was guilty of some horrible crimes. I'm not suggesting the movie should utterly glorify the man. But you can't deny an AJ flick would be fascinating.

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I'm always optimistic that a U.S. remake of an Asian film can be good, considering that RINGU sort of sucked and THE RING was awesome. But I really loved this movie and see no reason to remake it. Why not just come up with a story about any sort of beast coming out of any sort of polluted lake in the U.S. and call it by a different name? THE HOST offered nothing unique as far as being a story about a sea monster. (In fact, most of the "monster sequences" payed reverent homage to Steven Spielberg's JAWS.) What THE HOST offered was unique characters and compelling relationships. Maybe I'm overly-cynical, but I'm guessing that will all be left by the side of the road for a Hollywood remake.

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Both those NARNIA movies sucked dangling male anatomy. Joe Johnston is a skilled director, but so far has not been served well by his scripts. I see the makings of a disaster.

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I watched every episode of the original series on television when I was a kid. I owned toy phasers and communicators which, if I had kept them, I think would be worth about a billion dollars now. I watched every episode of Next Generation when it premiered, suffering bravely through the first two seasons until it started getting good in the third. I watched DS9 even though I didn't like it very much. I watched Voyager even though I hated it. I saw every movie at the theater either opening night or on the opening weekend.

Just a little history.

To say that I can't be a Trekker if I'm looking forward to a reboot is like saying I can't be a Batman fan or a Bond fan and look forward to a reboot. And I'm both a Batman and a Bond fan, and BATMAN BEGINS and CASINO ROYALE kick ass.

As a side note: MAN I need to get a life.

My question would be, how could anyone be a Trekker and see that last film (Nemesis) and watch Enterprise and NOT be stoked for a reboot? What's the alternative? More shitty Star Trek? As a Trekker, I have suffered plenty of shitty Star Trek. I'm ready for some good Star Trek. If that means rewriting forty years of history, so be it. Because otherwise, let's face, there's no Star Trek left.

In other words, "Trek's dead, Jim."

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Hey, the song's no LIVE AND LET DIE, but it's also not LICENSE TO KILL--the WORST Bond theme ever. It's also far more interesting than Madonna's DIE ANOTHER DAY. You would surely rank QoS's theme above DAD, correct?

(Spoiler alert: the only correct answer to my query above is, "correct." Any other answer is incorrect.)

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I share your pain, Robert. However, I think the root of the problem can be found in a study I read not too long ago regarding the way people go to movies. People like you and me, we typically go to the theater with a purpose to see a particular movie. Most people don't do that. They say, "Let's go see a movie." They arrive at the theater whenever dinner's over, and they stroll outside the multiplex looking at the posters. They choose a film and, if it isn't already half way over, they shamble over to the ticket counter.

I guarantee that accounts for 90% of your stragglers.

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For all the negative things I've said about this film, I too actually enjoyed the opening credits, and the song has officially grown on me. And I think a lot of people are missing the point as to why we haven't seen Bond order his dry martini, shaken not stirred. The scene where he's drinking himself into oblivion and Mathes asks, "What are you drinking?"

"I have no idea."

And then the bartender very carefully lays out the classic Bond recipe. I think in that moment we saw the origins of Bond's drink preference. If the movie hadn't been so frustrating leading up to that scene, I think it would have been an exceptional bit of character development. But I was still awfully pissed off at the movie at that point, so it went through my brain without really having any effect.

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I didn't read Cole's full description of the footage (because I don't want spoilers), but I read the last paragraph where he apologized for using the words "awesome" and "badass" so much.

I'm really, really stoked for this. As a long time Trekker, I have been dismayed that so many of the recent films exist in an echo chamber--Trekker-centric films made for Trekkers, with groan-inducing "fan service." (I know that "fan service" is typically meant to refer to panty shots in Japanese anime/manga porn, but even with that definition, I don't think it's too far off the mark. "Oh look! Data's emotion chip makes him laugh too hard at casual jokes!" Panty shot.)

Maybe it's the cold I've been suffering from all day, but part of this puts me in a really bad mood and makes me resent Cole for getting to see this while I'm sitting at home hacking up a lung and blowing my nose into toilet tissue. Even my Beast Light tastes like piss today. Oh, wait--it always tastes like that.

Anyway, let me sum up by quoting the great Ricardo Montalban from STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN: "I hate you Cole Abaius. I hate you a lot."

You can find that quote in the deleted scenes on the WoK special edition DVD.

True story.

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Curious thing: When I went to see QoS, my theater didn't show this trailer. I saw the new WATCHMEN trailer (which... you know... I guess it looks cool), and THE SPIRIT trailer (which... you know--looks terrible). But not this. I was very disappointed.

But all that aside, this looks like the best film yet fashioned by human hands.