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This, as has been stated above, has been all part of the plan, the only thing that will combat this is if the working classes and many other of the English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish who have had enough of these inept idiots, gather together and physically overthrow these bastards, they are not our parents, they are worthless bullies who are taking out their surrogate contempt on us by enforcing such corrupt and unjust situations upon us.
I have had enough of out of touch, Stalinesque, Hitleresque bullying failed politicians trying to commit such atrocious acts, they shall reap what they have sewn, and if they are not careful it will be in blood, my resentment towards them now knows no bounds, my future is MY future, not theirs to fatten their bank balances and to dictate what, where and when I go and do, free I was born and free I shall die, if not I shall go kicking and screaming to my grave.
My message to them is remember history, remember the peasants revolt circa 1381 and other suchlike situations, beware the wrath of scorned English, Welsh, Scots, Irish, we are all to be feared.
History has warned you, take heed.

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I'm not a father, but having been through 5 miscarriages with a former partner I know the pain that goes with it, but I can even still only guess the pain Mr Cameron is feeling right now, my absolute condolences go out to Mr Cameron and family.

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It's been commented on quite a few times that Farage has been enjoying a good alcoholic time on his Euro wages, which just goes to show how badly he wants to leave Europe.
I must admit when the UKIP first surfaced from whichever grubby rock they were hiding under I was fairly sceptical, because in comparison to the BNP I just didn't get them, they didn't seem relevant at the time and are even more so now.

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Where my father works, he is very close to certain top notch universities, some of his regular visitors are highly schooled Professors, a certain Professor who is now in his 80's has said that the climate change is nothing but a natural shift in climate towards another ice age, to cool down, things have to first heat up. I knew this anyway, it's common sense, I'm surprised some idiots have been sold this pathetic lie, what shocks me even more is that they were even thinking about taxing us on this.

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I could quite understand her wearing a veil, I'd say it would have to be lead lined, though!

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One more reason to get the hell out of this poorly thought out, greed and corruption addled organisation, we never voted for this, we were never informed about this, if this was put to a referendum back in the early 70's this would have been unanimously turfed out, thanks to Heath (Rest.In.Pain) we now face a serious situation.
This would bring over immigrants like we could never imagine, illegals/asylum seekers/unwelcome undesirables cause enough trouble as it is, we need to rally round and save this nation, this is such a ludicrous, dangerous idea it just isn't funny.

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Such nonsense!
In fact I'd say that the above picture is as equally as horrifying as her statement, this just goes to underline where Nu-Labour are headed allegiance wise, for all those of you who haven't awoken yet.
As for immigrants bringing in an extra £6 billion per year, what a load of rubbish, they have been a drain on the economy and they know it, and if they were benefitting us so well, then how come Mr Bean and his commie regime are £3Trillion in debt?!?!
Surely, by now they know that our eyes are wool free.
Talking of wool, "Bliar's babes" are starting to look like shorn sheep sucking on lemons.

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This man is SO RIGHT.
With such common sense views, it's about time the BNP were given a public platform for debate so people can REALLY see the outright sense spokesman such as Mr Mullins speak, we are at risk, no doubt about it and the fighting out in Afghanistan has SURELY run it's course and at a time like this it's a big amount to keep spending.
Bring them back and get them to make our country safe again.
Sense in politics, it's what the BNP are all about, VOTE NOW!

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Give it another decade and you may get a response, he is a leftie after all, he's probably just finished the 1st paragraph.

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It's obvious it's another pathetic attempt to smear us, I shake my head in disbelief everytime they try and pull something like this, it may have worked in the 80's, maybe the early 90's, but not now, not now people are beginning to wake up with major alarm and everytime they score such an own goal like this, it's like when we DIGG an article, many more come our way out of curiosity or enlightenment!