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Now that's the type of work i'd like to be doing - something that is actually beneficial to the people of Britain and not simply in order to make a profit for a business. I've always hated working in some jobs due to the fact that I never felt as if I was doing anything worthwhile. I'm definitely going to apply later this evening when I get back from work.

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Hiya PhysicsPHD! I met you last night remember? It really was a fantastic evening!

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Also, I would like to see some proof that Golding's team were chanting "Blacks Out!" I do not believe they were and if they really were then why have they not been arrested for hate crimes! Obviously because that is nothing but lies and slander! How dare they have the nerve to call themselves a "news"paper! I want them to pay for this - a blantant attempt to try and stop us from gaining even more support come the Eyro's! Well, it isn't going to work - the British people of these islands are waking up and are sick of being treated as though they can't think for themselves! Yes, run scared you stupid little sheeple of the so-called Independent - run scared. Is this all you've got. It's getting weak, it's getting tired, it's getting boring!

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I agree! I want to see this dragged through court for as long as it takes! They cannot get away with this! As a BNP member I feel personally insulted by the lies and sickening excuse for journalism that this paper has produced! I want an apology! Oh yes, a BIG apology please! All you left wingers just love asking for apologies, oh yes, you all believe an apology can fix all the worst problems in the world, well now I want an apology, and the BNP members want an apology and Paul Golding and the people who voted for him want an apology!