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Charge all of them with AWOL, stop thier pay and entitlements. Implement impeachment proceedings at the legal point and remove thier arses. Nothing complicated here.
Stop the pay of all teachers and public employees participating and remove as necessary. Chances are, the kids are getting a much better education(and learning how Liberals act) while they are being forced to protest with the teachers anyway.
Consider that the first step in deficit reduction. More to follow.

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In todays PC environment, nobody wants to hire a self-identified racist, irrespective of thier color.

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All I read in that statement was that "I did nothing wrong according to MY standards". He's a total sleeze.

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Dimocraps will resort to any measure these days to try to make people forget that they have the "Dem" following their name. If he wants people to perceive him as a "Rep", perhaps he should wsitch parties and compete with the Rep for the seat. If he did vote for Obumblecare, that would draw the line in the sand.

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Living here in Bangkok, Thailand, I am able to see just how a govt that wants complete control over it's people operates. The govt declared a state of emergency more than two months ago over the protesters occupying a portion of the wealthy business district. The Thai army broke up the protest(killing 70 people) and it ended on May 19th. The state of emergency is still in effect and not seen to be ended soon. They are systematically taking control of different elements, ie internet, TV, print media. I would very much hope that the American public wouldn't put up with this, but they do seem to accept the cr@p that O'Bummer and the progressives have already fed us. I never imagined I would see anything like this administration in my lifetime.
I might add that the party's name is "The Democratic Party".

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Agree wholeheartedly. Anybody that has nothing but respect should lay the wreath and Obummer and Biden don't qualify.
Another vet

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Think the GOP and Teaparty folks ought to reconcile on the "best" candidate. It's not a good time to be airing dirty laundry. This could snowball and bring discredit on both, which we can surely do without.

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Pedro does have a point about the physical feature of the feminist movement..
As for the stereotype for conservative, I only qualify for the first two.

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HP Jr,
Official documents are 8 1/2 X 11, 4.5 X 4.5 is like a scribble pad.

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Agree, but many use it as a smokescreen to get anti abortion votes.