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I seem to have managed to find the knack for getting most children to do what I want them to do most of the time, which seems to be about as good as 99% of all people who professionally deal with children ever manage.

Although man. When I get a kid who is completely immune to the Teacher Kitty Eyebrow it is TERRIBLE.

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Nia and Jory! *jazz hands*

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Reaper Man! Reaper Man!

Oh gosh, I am so excited for this one.

Spoilers for the rest of the book:

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Nyfb, pnyyvat vg abj, Znex vf gbgnyyl tbvat gb fuvc Qbbe/Syvgjbegu ol gur raq bs gur obbx. Naq ur'yy jnvy qhevat Gung Qnapr.

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Oh, those are DELIGHTFUL.

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Man, usually I'm overjoyed for new Tammy chapters, because I love talking about my favorite things, but pretty much all of Briar's Book is just me sitting in a corner with my sad nuns. :/

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Hi! We are almost the exact same age! I was very-nearly a year old when this episode aired, and I also grew up with it (and later the X-Files, because my parents were very young and did not have a good grasp of what constituted appropriate television for a small child) and just reading your excitement makes me go all soft-eyed with nostalgia and joy.

I am so excited for this.

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Speaking historically, having a major natural disaster followed by opportunistic attacks and then an illness is pretty normal- The natural disaster disrupts the defenses, the attack capitalizes on that, and then in the fallout disease spreads.

(Sort of like how the 1918 Influenza epidemic would probably have been marginally less "nigh-apocalyptically godawful" if it hadn't happened on the tail end of WWI.)

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As someone who is also dealing with real, honest-to-goodness expendable income for the first time in their life: Man, yeah. This feeling. So much this feeling. It's really weird. I've only been next-step-from-homelessness poor a few times, but it is fucking terrifying, y'all. I grew up poor-to-working class, for the most part (barring the very strange year and a half that my dad worked for IBM, where both of my parents completely lost it and spent as much money as they could... Which promptly landed us back in "poor as dirt" when the dot-com bubble burst) but having experienced that "please, let nothing go wrong, because if something goes wrong everything is ruined and I am powerless to prevent it" level of poverty, it can easily destroy your ability to interact with the world in a way that people who have never experienced anything CLOSE to that understand.

Also, Mark, this book was published the same year as First Test, so Tammy had already grown a ton as an author by the time she got here. (But you're right, the more explicit interface with real world issues, along with the slightly lower reading level, means that these are some of her most accessible books. I love Tortall, but the Circle of Magic is what I use to convert all but my most hardcore of Fantasy loving friends.)

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Bite your tongue. That gave me attack!feels.

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Mark is the new head patron of the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons, y/y?