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But businesses are only allowed to reopen if they can maintain social distancing. Very difficult to do in Parliament.

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You've got it in one.

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I'm afraid you are right in your score David. From the beginning recognising the sheer enormity of the pandemic I have tried to refrain from criticising the Govt but sadly there have been just too many missteps and series of shambles to go beyond a rating of 2. What concerns me going forward is that this pandemic has shown up the calibre of so many of the Ministers who with the exception of Rishi Sunak have in my view at least "been weighed in the balance and found wanting." A modicum of basic competence would have been a start and I'm afraid that Boris does not come away with his reputation enhanced but rather the reverse.

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Would that we now had people of the stature of those you mention now swerving as Ministers. How much better the pandemic would have been handled.

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But the polls simply don't reflect that. A substantial number of Leave voters think Cummings should go.

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My great worry though Elaine is the terrible damage done to the Govts reputation and trust reflected in every poll taken. In order to get through this pandemic the Govt will have to rely on the public sticking by the rules. The Cummings saga has made the credibility of the Govt in exhorting the public to follow the rules so much harder. At its worst this will result in extra deaths .Although I loath the way the media has gone about this in order to save the situation and for the greater good of the Country I think Cummings needs to go .Some say Boris will be lost without him. If that is really the truth then Boris is truly not fit to be our PM no more than May was when Timothy went and she was all at sea. Sorry to disagree.

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Farage has got "immigration ion the brain." Here we are in the middle of an awful pandemic with hundreds of lives being lost each day and all he can do is to bellow about immigration. He really is a quite awful character.

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Boris was criticised for "not having an adult conversation with the public" on a lockdown plan. Yet as soon as he does then the media shout "its all too confused and complicated for the public to understand." I am just an ordinary guy of 70+ and I find the plan easily understandable. I love the response of the plumber on C4 news who basically said whats the problem.Its common sense. Of course clever people with nothing better to do can dream up various scenarios and pick holes in it but in truth its all pretty easy to follow. Bsicallyn now the media are saying that the public are too "thick" to understand it after all!

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My sympathies to you both Elaine.

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Our PM has an horrendous task in dealing with Covid19 and he has my full support and indeed prayers. However he has dropped a real clanger on his answer to Sir Keir. It was simply factually wrong - the advice was given as Starmer said. I cannot understand why Boris fell into that trap. Starmer is a trained lawyer and his questions are always precise and to the point. There was no way he was going to make that up. I very much fear that Boris who is so loose in what he says simply tried to wing it and has come a cropper. He would gain at least some respect if he simply came to the House and apologised without trying to justify himself. Meanwhile before next week he really needs to work out a fresh approach to PMQ's.His present one is embarrassing.