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Quite. Staggering hypocrisy.

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In many a HoC committee meeting over the past few years, it has been clear that civil servants, MPs, and particularly ministers (e.g., Maude) don't like FoI and seek to curtail it. They claim that it puts a strain on departments.

Well then, if they publish information which should be made public, anyway, that little problem would disappear. If publication of a risk register is not in the public's interest, then I don't know what is.

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Farage would never be allowed near power if he piled into the establishment over this. There are too many people, already in positions of power, who might be jailable, were the truth made public - even though we've all known for years what went on.

I suspect that were the truth made public, we would find that civil servants, banks, 'security services', military corporations et al were equally culpable as politicians such as the loathesome Tony Blair. So I wonder which of the culpable are responsible for keeping the lid on this enquiry.

Is there not some mechanism in law that we can use to force the publication of the report?

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I do understand and appreciate the points you are making, but I believe that this might well be our last chance to escape from the EU. I'm taking it.

It's true that no "countable majority" has given consent to any government for a long time. That is why I'd prefer some form of proportional representation. I prefer the pure form because it is clear.

From where I stand, RH, ConLab seem terrified of UKIP. Rightly so, too!

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"he seems to be everywhere!"

Which just goes to show how hard-working he is. Unlike LibLabCon MEPs, he doesn't just pitch up at the EP in order to claim allowances. He doesn't rely on expensive "think tanks", the Fabian Society or plagues of PR gurus to "get his message across". Instead, he makes a huge effort, himself.

What you see is what you get. How refreshing!

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If you ignore a thief who is poised to lift your wallet out of your pocket, will he refrain from doing so? Or will he be further encouraged by the easy pickings?

Our government is in place by consent. If we do not vote against their policies, then it is assumed, in law, that we give our tacit or passive consent. That is the basis on which the EU operates, too.

So ignoring them is providing them with the very legitimacy which you would prefer to deny them.

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The current Westminster set is undoubtedly in favour and undoubtedly in favour of Monstanto hegemony. That's why we need to turf them out.

Since we cannot turf out the EU government, what do we do once they allow the Monsantos of this world in?

It's a bit like living in rented accommodation as opposed to property you own, however scabby it might at first be. You can't make changes to the rented accommodation and will have to live with leaky taps and disrepair if your landlord chooses not to address the issues. In contrast, you can make changes to the scabbiest of properties if you own them.

If we don't own our political system (via sovereignty), we can't effect the change we need, let alone desire.

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Yes, UKIP needs councillors in order to make headway - which is an excellent reason for voting UKIP in both council and EP elections.

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The reason that "no other party can get a look in" is because people mistakenly believe that voting for a party which accords with their views is a "wasted vote" since it is unlikely to win an election.

But unless people vote for it, it won't get in! People complain that they are powerless, but I would argue that they have more power than they imagine - if only they will exercise it!

Our democracy is broken because the electorate has been cowed into believing that if they don't vote Tory, Labour will get in. It is only now, thanks to Cast Iron Dave, that we know there is no difference between the parties.

So vote UKIP, persuade your friends and family to do the same, and engineer that political earthquake that will shake the foundations of the political system. That is how we can effect change.

And even if you believe that UKIP is untried and untested, I put it to you that:

* so was Cameron,
* so was Blair.

As to Nigel Farage as PM (not as far-fetched as the media would have you believe), I ask you: do you really believe that Nigel can do a worse job than all the bought and paid for charlatans that will have preceded him?

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We are already left at the mercy of whatever social fad or political donor happens to be in vogue at any given moment. The EU is a lobbyist's paradise because powerful corporations know that all they have to do is to cross a few unelected palms with pieces of silver to have the EU craft diktats which essentially shut down the competition.

A prime example is the latest attack on selling seeds. Monsanto et al are keen to see the implementation of TTIP (the EU-US "trade agreement"), so that we will not be allowed to even save the seeds of the vegetables we grow and harvest ourselves, in our own gardens. Why? Because they want us to buy from them, only - every year.

TTIP is not a "trade agreement", any more than EU treaties have been "trade agreements". TTIP, like EU treaties, is designed to meld the EU and the US into one giant customs union, with all the 'harmonisation' of laws and regulations that the EU has foisted upon us.