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Y'all have no idea how excited I was to see Yuri on Ice on there. (Although if I say I'm the one who claimed it in sixty seconds, that will probably help you understand. Happened to get the email right at the start of lunch break.)

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Dean referred to Raphael as a ninja turtle in "Free to Be You and Me" when Cas told him the plan to summon Raphael.

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I figure we'll get Dean's reaction to having Cas back when we actually HAVE Cas back, not Casifer. I can see Bucklemming thinking Dean reacting to Casifer would take away from the impact of the Lucifer-God reunion, and IMO they kinda have a point.

Dean got away from Amara because while she's pissed, she was more worried about Lucifer escaping than about Dean escaping. She's in Dean's head and can track him down whenever she wants. How he got back to the Bunker... probably the same way he got out to the woods?

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"The sudden appearance of a prophet in the midst of one of Amara’s fog attacks seemed way too coincidental for me, so I assumed that he was under Amara’s control. (And was I meant to understand that once Kevin left the veil, he was truly “dead,” thereby activating the next prophet?)"

Kevin got activated when Sam and Dean freed the Leviathan tablet and activated some "God power". Donatello got activated by being touched by Amara's fog, which was "God power". There was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it line from Sam about that when they were talking about Crowley rounding up the prophet potentials to kill.

I don't know that we needed to see Kevin to get that a new prophet could be called; he was after all dead. And I do hope that Sam picked up a phone at some point to tell Linda where her son's ghost had gone. But I didn't mind seeing Kevin and seeing him earn his place in Heaven, although like someone above I would have been even happier if Kevin had come in to help with Amara as a ghost and Chuck rewarded him for finding Amara and rescuing Lucifer.

Really looking forward to God and Lucifer working together, although I hope they'll have God move Lucifer over to Mark Pellegrino so we can have Cas back too. (Also, I love Mark Pellegrino, but that's beside the point.)

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It was a bad line.

The difference between Sam's vessel and Cas's vessel: Sam is tied to his body. He can't leave it and take another one if something comes up. Have we seen any indication that Cas is tied to the body that way and couldn't do something like Crowley did?

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I didn't mean to imply that you had implied that. I apologize. The intent was to draw a parallel between the different approach taken toward the vessel and the different approach taken toward Cas's choice - the brothers have different experiences and personalities and react differently. Which is why Sam keeping the vessel separate from Cas didn't read as cold to me, just Sam thinking differently than we would.

When Cas was human, he did just fine without grace. It is his body, but is Cas tied to it the way, say, Sam is tied to his body? Can Cas no longer possess someone else? (Leaving alone the question of "why would he", just wondering about possibility.) If so, then I would be more inclined to agree with you.

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"Didn't much appreciate Sam calling Cas an 'it". Yes I know that he said he meant Cas' vessel but that was still kind of cold, Sam."

Sam has been an angel's vessel. Twice. Possessed by a demon twice. So it doesn't surprise me that he distinguishes Cas, his friend/family, from the vessel, which has been a lifeless meatsuit for years now and isn't really Jimmy anymore either. Dean's never had an angel in him, the only time he's ever had a demon in him is when he WAS the demon, so he doesn't differentiate. I don't think either way is any less valid or any colder.

Just like Dean's doing what he'd do for Sam: trying to save Cas from his choice because he thinks it's a bad one. And Sam's doing what he'd want done for himself: he's respecting Cas's choice even though he thinks it's a bad one. I don't think either one indicates that either brother thinks less of Cas as family.

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In my life, I've had three ginger cats. Two were female. We got one of the girls at ten weeks old but because of having been abandoned she only weighed a pound at that point. Our vet refused to commit to her diagnosis of female until we had her spayed, because of the coloring.

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The comment about moving to LA and solving crime was probably a reference to the show Lucifer that starts next week. It's based on Sandman-Lucifer, who's gotten bored of Hell and decided to move to LA.

You know what bugs me most about Rowena? It's not her dying. Sure, I'd have liked to have her around for the remainder of the show's run, but characters die. It's her dying BECAUSE SHE'S NOT THINKING. This is Rowena, who's always had plans within plans with backups and contingencies. And now she's so overcome by admiration or love or whatever for Lucifer that she DOESN'T REALIZE that Lucifer doesn't wanna go back to his Cage and once she says she's the only one who could open it she was DEAD? Really? No.

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I had a specific wish. In the end scene, when Dean's trying to shut Sam down: "Talk to Cas. He's the one who had to get you out last time, he may have some ideas for what we could do instead, or at least how to make this safer."