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That's funny. I can hear them now...

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Maybe Obama wants to swap Iran carbon points instead...

Hilarious article in the The UK Register.

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If it is America's destiny to one day find itself nostril to nostril with the brutal beast of Islam, may we warrant the strength to break its back, destroy its spirit, and drive it as far underground as it can be driven in order to free the extraordinary human spirit from the satanic rule the false warlord prophet named Mohammed projected upon billions of otherwise ordinary people.

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Yes, wouldn't it be a grand gesture if everyone from the anti-jihad front suddenly and at an appointed hour sent CAIR a bible, causing a scene where hundreds, nay, thousands of bibles arrive in an avalanche at CAIR headquarters. Listen to the Mohammedan outcry, then point to their noisy gift of the Qu'ran to Obama. Show the fools we infidels care, too.

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Lugar? Lunar...

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There's only one thing we need to know about this supposed catastrophic climate change meme. Greenies scream bloody murder, and we've seen reports of scientists who suggest the point of no return is nye, and yet only the West is asked to turn off its eneergy suppiles. Meanwhile, oil continues to be pumped from the ME (and elsewhere). China's factories are churning out poison into the atmosphere as vitriolic as 1880s Industrial Revolution America, and Big Al Gore gives them a pass. If temperature change is anything, if ozone depletion is anything, if air quality is anything, if meting ploar ice caps are anything, they are a GLOBAL problem. This point of no return would affect China just as much as California. This fact of non-urgency in certain areas of the world's business PROVES that there is some other agenda at work here...

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That's right. Robbing, looting, making bombs, all good activities to prove a jhadist is not insane. After all, to a Muslim stuck behind enemy lines in Dar-al Harb, these deeds are simply business as usual...

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LOL. My sentiments precisely!

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Oh goody, Hamas is now a house divided. To kill, or not to kill (an infidel, old Dhimmi Carter no less), THAT, my fellow Americans, is the question. From one Georgia boy to another, President Jimmy, you need to wise up. You're handling poisonous vipers now, and you've going to take a hit. Miss Lillian might presume you to possess more homegrown sense than this. Don't let this cheap PR stunt fool you. You are still a dirty kaffir in the eyes and minds of those Arab thugs.

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But how ridiculous is that? Islam certainly would not approve of abortion, except perhaps in the case of infidel dhimmis. just to kept that edge in population demographics on the uptake, that is until the paradox painfully occurs to them. No dhimmis, no jizyah.