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With the 1st photo you offer us to see. The wood that's inserted in spots, my 1st conclusion, I surmise with this look? Is that the unpainted wood inserts were a fix, but didn't warrant a whole new cabinet upgrade at this time with the mix & match that now has come to be. So, I'm thinking, more unpainted wood inserts would remove this 1st conclusion, I’m forced to think with beautiful wood inserted pieces. The same would be true, if it was all wood with a few painted ones that were inserted as well.

It's just too austere, when items are brought in that don't coordinate at or with something, but that's the look today. I find it bothersome, busy, but uncomfortable for me personally. I guess, it's due to it not being done before for the most part with being over the top with eclectic that sets its own taste, but a latest fad.

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I just can't imagine anyone turning to contact paper, but we've got millions doing DIY quick fix it jobs any day of the week. It's they're homes...some go for cheap, then some go with unnecessary complex costly changes too. Some change they're minds all over the place, while incorporating what's on sale and wonder what happened at the finish.

If it's all wood cabinetry, maybe you'll be lucky in that cleaning is all it needs? Either way, if you choose to paint it, paneling & still have to clean it very well. Removing that glue from contact paper, grime, grease, oil or any food splatters, it may have on it. So your paint adheres well, smoothly, yet looks like the professional finish you'll want to see.

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Wow, the patina on the paneled walls looks lovely in photo at this distance. Say what? Contact paper & not a Formica brand glued on covering attached to the faces of the cabinetry? EEK, what was someone thinking for durability, or not, LOL?

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Absolutely no falling is wanted anytime. My thoughts exactly are a needed must for those that do projects as winter will be long here. A two to three car garage on the kitchen side of the house would be sublime with guest or studio upstairs. Yes, I'd have to repurpose all landscaped in junipers & Spruce. Junipers look shabby in short amount of time with age, size & want to be unruly. They take spaces over & leave little for other bushes & such. Spruce grow huge & not a fan for trees or items like this placed to close to house as here. I'd have to redo this whole space from kitchen sliding glass door to outdoor fireplace & relocate hot tub to master bedroom side of the house with a very special private area. Also, I would have to give more considerations to all entries with offering more protections from the weather elements then given now down the road.

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I have to make my "home" a place where I can claim safety 1st for any member at any time. We have addressed our concerns, now here we go, like any politician, our concerns are attempted to be minimized by someone willingness to claim "good intentions" on a product made. Let this awful & potential hazards bypass homes. Stake your claim with having 100% green where & when you can on any given day. Good intentions can't mend health issues, so why opt for it as a known hazard with us or our kids and all the unknowns they'll do. It's certainly our choice, & your choice to say it's good enough for your home. I have to opt out on hazardous chemicals that carry more potential harms even if it's given with someone's good intentions.

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Hi, everyone! That was my very 1st observation with finally getting back here & viewing the 2012 Blog Cabin Tour. I too, was feeling remorse with having to make fixes. Love the place, yet it's living room space leaves me wanting. Built-in benchseat is a huge miss for me with design & execution. Again, I do it everytime, with how they incorporate space layout, designer touches, fixtures, furniture, colors, styles, fabrics, & just about everything, as it's not how I would do it, LOL. Truly, I do agree with you, with it being a universal major error with having to make me stand to be able to enjoy any view. Certainly, I can go outside to take in all the great views in from the deck that's offered. Again, I think, if I have to go outside to be able to sit with taking this view in...yo, it's got to change. Seriously, every place I've lived, any day, I want to sit & lookout to my yard, gardens & views.

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Agreed, whether sealed or not, lead paint chips still come off when bumped here and there. I'm not a fan, of this rustic, weathered, splintery, paint chipped look at all anyways. Vicki, you are so right on target, glad u mentioned it, however done, we get enough chemicals in any given product most days & that's a sure bet.

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Wah hoo...looks like lots of work & a fun crew to be on doing it. Haven't been on the blog site for some time, so I'm off to take peeps around to see all I missed.

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That's the plan, making it a home, a retreat, a place to keep