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You are getting veerrry sleepyy....


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Oh, and he would of course give it to the putz who signed another meaningless accord with ol' fish-eyes. While snubbing Bebe. The demlib protion of the Jews will buy it, but I expect those who understand the danger will not.

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The enemies of Israel are the enemies of us. The American Jews who are supporting this are the godchildren of those who abetted the Holocaust. Many Jewish leaders cooperated in getting their congregations to the railheads - more often than not, no doubt, because they believed the Nazis when they told them they were going to be resettled in their promised land, but in some cases, knowing better, fearing for their own lives. Soros was one of the worst - young enough he can claim to have been helpless, but he was old enough to know better, and he thrived on the collection of the belongings of those who had been taken. These ought to be exposed at every opportunity - but contrasted to our better friends here and in Israel.

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As others have said - Christians don't cut heads off.
Want to get some respect?...

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Great idea for a mask. We've got to do that, not to hide our identities for nefarious purposes but ad you said to scare the snot out of the weenies. How about a million Breitbart march on the Washington mall? How about July 4th?

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And he's got - - - no reason to li-ive!

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Oh, and if the President separates himself from Media Matters this Proggie will still vote for him? Nice of you to notice the antisemitism at MM, Dershowitz, but you fail to notice the anti-Americanism, the 100% political purpose of their existence and hence the illegitimacy of their nonprofit status, and the dishonesty in nearly everything they say. Dershowitz, thanks for noticing this, but you're still a douche.

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As Whoopie might say, that will make them "extremist extremists."

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And a crucifix and a silver dagger, just in case.

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Almost certainly heart attack or aneurism, and by the way one of the contributing factors (if heart attack) was probably too little good sleep. But I agree the coroner should do all tests. Toxicology - never mind psychoactive drugs, which Andrew certainly did not take - any odd little thing from something he night have taken for his heart, to the (.00001% probable) poisoning. Let the coroner do his thing, and not feed the speculators.

Meanwhile, yes his passing is a huge shock and untimely. But we must continue the fight - as others have said, We Are All Breitbart!