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Mefloquine was developed at Walter Reed in the 1970's, and members of the armed forces have been taking it for decades.

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OR...the dealer simply sues me, produces the contract in court, and garnishes my wages...

Besides, the dealer can't jack the prices too much. He still has to compete with neighboring dealers.

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The latest polls show Christie's approval rating between 47 and 52 percent, though nearly half of registered NJ voters believe he's more concerned with his political future than with running the state. It will be interesting to see if (and how) those numbers change post-veto.

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I bet it was that "Ohio? Only two things come from Ohio..." comment.

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"Ever seen a black mormon? How about and Asian mormon?"

yes, and yes. Plus Arabic, Chinese and German. And that's just in MY ward. We welcome all sons and daughters of Heavenly Father- even those with preconceived notions.......

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"Despite the fact he was eventually allowed to fly, he still does not know why he was on that list. The FBI never told him and won’t tell KATU. "

"In a statement provided to KATU News, the FBI said their refusal to talk about Tarhuni’s case is to 'protect each and every American’s privacy rights.'"

Psst, FBI guys: One American citizen is making your entire bureau look foolish. And with good reason. When the American secret police start telling you that you don't need to know their motivation, and they know what's best for you, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

But hey, it was a nice try, getting someone to waive their Constitutional rights. Better luck next citizen.

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Tarhuni helped coordinate medical care in Libya during the end of Moammar Gadhafi's regime through Tigard-based Medical Teams International. “He’s an Oregonian. He’s an American citizen.

“It’s just been extremely important to me that he be treated fairly,” Wyden said. “Troubling that he doesn’t seem to have any sort of record or evidence that he’s done anything. That certainly is something that I want to see addressed.”

I don't object to them being detained. But if they're American citizens, and they have a legitimate reason for being there, then you have 72 hours to either charge them or release them. That's not just the law, it's the right thing to do. If you reduce America to a police state that can randomly deny citizens their Constitutional rights, then I submit that the terrorists have already won.

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Then I submit that, in your case, the terrorists have won.They have you so afraid of your own shadow, you'll deem a child guilty until proven innocent.

You wanna try to teach him otherwise now?

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Bravo SPD! Well done!

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Actually, several governments, and two of the three major religions have contributed to my 'training'.

And I agree with you that mandatory military training would not be a bad thing for this country. It is, in fact, where I developed my beliefs toward the socialistic side of the Armed Forces.

I think outside the box very well. As a matter of fact, I'd wager that I think outside the box better than most. I don't apply the same dirty, downright evil connotation to the word 'socialist' that many of the KATU conservatives here seem to. Socialism is a tool, a means to an end. It is neither inherently good nor evil, except as wielded by mankind.

Socialism, definition (mine): an economy where either the raw materials, end product, or the method of manufacture is owned and controlled by the state. Distribution tends to be each according to their ability. (which is the main difference between Socialism and Communism. With Communism, distribution is each accord to their needs.) The military fits that definition.The government (state) controls all of the capitol, invests in product that it fully controls, and distributes that product based on ability (Officers are compensated more than enlisted, crack units receive better equipment, etc)

It's how the military is run Ralph. There is nothing evil about it, and it makes them very efficient at what they do. I just don't delude myself into thinking it's anything other than what it is: a method of management based on socialism.