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"Celebrating Diversity doesn't always work out so well". Are you insinuating Sandusky is gay, and not a pedophile? You do know the difference, yes? Otherwise, I agree 100%

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Good Lord those are H-O-T!! My grill cook ate some in breakfast burrito and had stomach issues for three days - and this guy's not "light" on eating heat, either. Scoville rated the highest...

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You are correct, sir! As a former Mormon, since gone "jack", I can attest to the strangle hold the Mormons have on this program. And yes, it will make it much more difficult to affect meaningful change. But, my unique "history" as both a Mormon and an Eagle Scout does allow a bit of an advantage to "infiltrate"...we shall see.

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Until the evidence comes out, what we have is speculation and hearsay. Until then, he won.

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When I told my bank president, they didn't believe me and thought I was making it up. They said the robber was a "stand up guy", a "pillar of the community" and how dare I make such accusations.

Yeah, truly sickening...

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Ensuring that they follow it. Cultural change, systematic change that would further restrict this type of thing from happening as well as not making it acceptable to hide these people just like the g-d catholics do.

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How about the standards of being morally straight - with your and to your most vulnerable - the kids! "Tried their best"?!? Sorry, unacceptable. Same as the g-d catholics not doing enough to stop the g-d priests molesting kids - NO EXCUSES!! So sorry if your name came up as a suspect, perhaps you shouldn't have been doing things that made you suspect...just sayin'. It seems the Boy Scouts learned far too much from the catholics and perhaps this will save, in my opinion, a great program for kids.

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As an Eagle Scout with my boy in Cubs, sounds like the right thing to do. Too bad the Scouts didn't stand up for their own standards and moral code to begin with...very disappointing. My plan, change from within...

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Sure they do - anybody they feel like picking up and throwing in the clink for some deep "inspection" and some new yoga moves to try out. Didn't you hear about the new defense authorization blahblahblah that further erodes our civil rights? Because the "Patriot" act just wasn't enough...

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Cool. Not gay myself, happily hetero, but like you have gay family members / friends / coworkers. I have a cousin who has been with her "partner" for longer than I have and I've been married, now going on 12 years. There is no logical reason why their relationship should mean any less than mine or yours in the courts or anywhere else and is in fact guaranteed by our own constitution. I get that it makes people of all stripes uncomfortable, so did letting women vote and "blacks" on the front of the bus but we survived and are a better country on the other side for it, no?