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Wisdom is something that takes time to learn, It has taken me a very long time to stop and think before speaking and becoming angry, to do this is true wisdom although I still fail now and then but it is an art and worthwhile learning.

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well said norm, dont forget football in your list, I saw a load of idiots going beserk on tv this morning over the problems that Portsmouth have, pity they cant get that fanatical over thier own country.

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Common sense being printed, not by the media but by The British Resistance, weell done.

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Take us back, only if we let them !

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we will not let that happen Donna, we will not stay quiet too long before we raise up to a new level.

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They need to sod off back to thier roots if they want to celebrate these alien cultures in our country, what I mean by our country ,I mean the Indigenous population,the true natives.

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The church leaders do not help the situation for example our own vicar retired two years ago and the Church did not replace him they merely put up the house that he lived in for rent and another vicar from another church visits every third Sunday, consequently the congregation has dwindled down from ninety plus to around twenty. It wont be long before this church closes and goodness knows what it will become. It almost seems that the Church Authorities are deliberately driving it down to nothing.

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Silly Kuffar, many thanks for that link, I would suggest to others that they find a farmer with some land and ask to shoot it, this will go along way with the police.

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I still cant see what is wrong with asparagus except it makes your pee smell ! Other than that if they want to discuss religion and political parties they should start with Labour and Lucifer himself Tony Blair.

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This man really is a fool and has no place even in politics, he looks like a throw back from the 60's/70's not forgetting that he would probably be better employed as a car salesman, maybe he and Cameron could go on the same training course. I am willing to bet that this bull-h-tter could not write down numerically one billion.