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The Astute class of submarines have nothing to do with the deterrent. They are attack boats and, if rumour is right they are spy boats.

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At last,someone with the common sense to try and make a REAL link-up with our friends and cousins the world over. This is what is needed,it's no good people saying 'I am off to so and so 'when that same place is experiencing the same conditions as we have over here. Well done Peter.

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A very well written article containing nothing but the truth. I have always thought that the brave souls who fought to keep Hitler out of this Once Great Country had their guns pointing the wrong way.That's not to say that Hitler would have been better,but, upon seeing the situation now,won wonders who won that last war.

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Well said,Mr Fly!! I too have wondered about the lack of news about the leadership election.He is a State asset,could it be that he went to the same uni as which MI5 recruit from? They do have something on him to blackmail him with.I too have had my membership taken from me,I will not join in,nor send any money to this band of crooks,so,the sooner we can get another party going,without NG the better.

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Those overvalued houses are the result of too many people coming into this Country,chasing too few houses.Building millions of new ones will not help,as when do you stop concreting over farmland? The interest rates will rise soon,as sure as eggs are eggs,it is then that the fun and games start. As families are being evicted, many thousands of them, what do you think they will do,sit and play tiddly-winks while their homes are taken over by asylum seekers? A period of civil disobedience will follow.

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The streets belong to the British and we must take them back.

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Before we take to the streets,we must start to recruit a lot more members.Now,this can be done by ditching NG,all those expelled and suspended members would probably rejoin.We must also take our argument into as many homes as possible,to do that,you need people who are smartly dressed,smart casual,will do and any body tattoos covered up.As the situation in this Country deteriorates even more,which it will,we can then make a street movement that will stand up to the Establishment. This will happen in the next 5 yrs.,we all know that the situation is getting completely out of hand,yet Vince Cable still wants to bring in more immigrants,he says they have the skills that we don't seem to have.Now,I wonder why that is?

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If we were to stop immigration into this Once Great Country of ours,then the need to build so many new houses would diminish.As you say,there are simply thousands of homes standing empty.

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Is my old school Lymington Road,still a building site?

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A very good comment,new party,new name=new reputation=success at the polls.