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Where is the humility in D.C.?
We must have courage in the face of this.

Do any of you other members/posters ever worry about Big Brother watching over our shoulders? When I hear comments made by government employees (i.e., taxpayer supported folks) like "We don't know where he lives", I shudder. Sometimes I think I'm paranoid about the power these people feel the right to exert over us. Then I see stories about busloads of people driving by homes and I know this is real.

When they don't have the humility to serve as they agreed by their Constitutional oaths, then we must have the courage to take them to task, not with brute force but with good mental strategy. They are no smarter than we are, and they represent us.

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Part 2 of 2:

Is there someone on this list who is willing to take apart the current legislation, critique it, and send it to Congress with OUR comments?

Thank God for our freedoms that we can gather at this site to vent, think, comment, etc.

Let's not forget our military, serving 24/7, protecting us so we can gather.

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Part 1 of 2:
As Glenn envisions in his opening post, I agree with the think tank concept. We can rant all we want, feel better, rant some more, feel a little better; however, implemented solutions will make us feel great about our country again.

We are a clever, smart, and dedicated people. We are readers and thinkers. Our elected leaders have really underestimated us for so long and it is patently evident in this year of our Lord 2009.

I think we have overestimated their abilities to lead in a Constitutional way. After all, they are in their opaque fishbowl in D.C. when they are writing and voting on legislation that will affect all of us. Caveat: we do have a few good men and women who are Constitutionalists; some even sleep on cots. Mr. Smith needs to be back in Washington full force.

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Re: Second Rant I think that tax will be reinstated in 2011. As Ms. Pelosi commented (paraphrased), "I wouldn't have been so generous in waiting..." And I remember Whoopi Goldberg, on a couple of occasions, stating (paraphrasing), "They get us coming and going" and "why should we be taxed on the money we earn, then have our estate taxed again?"

I fully agree that our income should only be taxed once.

And a third little mini rant here: We elected (hired) Congress to represent US. They do have audacity when they talk to We the People the way they do. It is egregious.

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From a Fox News story on March 30, 2009:

Debra Messing also told Tarts that our new President is not only meeting her expectations, but going far beyond.

"He is thoughtful and considerate and he gets all the information before he speaks which I think is a wonderful quality for the ruler of the free world to have," she explained.

This is not about any particular president we've elected; it's about the current perception. I find the above comment quite disturbing. For some reason, I thought our founding fathers took us into a republic rather than a monarchy. Do our elected government officials view themselves as rulers? Last time I paid taxes, I seemed to remember I was paying their salaries and benefits, also. I do wish they would take a Constitution review course before every session.

Rep. Bachmann is on Beck again. You gotta love her and how she so eloquently speaks out.

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Good for you, nhagman! We should all make our voices heard in our respective states.

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Part 2:

It was a sad day when Rep. Bachman asked a cabinet member upon which part of the Constitution a piece of legislation was based. He sidestepped. He couldn't answer. She persistently and pleasantly asked several times. She is the kind of representative we can believe in. She is our Daniel Hannan.

Many of us who were born in the United States have taken life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for granted. This is our wake up call. What we do with it will be our legacy to future generations.

God Bless our Military! On call 24/7 to protect us so we can go about our business of being Americans.

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Part 1:

Someone posted yesterday about the public education in the U.S. and how our children are indoctrinated with opinions that may not reflect our own values. While we leave the basics to be taught by educators, we need to take the responsibility to teach our children about the Constitution and the founding fathers. They need to learn from us, their families and friends, about this great country where voting is a privilege and responsibility, where the sky is the limit when it comes to imagination and fulfilling dreams. Our founding fathers fought for these freedoms. We are one nation under God. We must never allow this to be forgotten.

We have many Constitutionalists in Congress, yet we also have many who believe in big government where We the People go along because they (the big government believers) can think better for us than we can think for ourselves. Millions of us just plain don't go along. Good for us. We are a country of entrepreneurs and thinkers.