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No one was awake. We the silent majority are now opening our eyes to what we have been complacent about and the damage that complacency has brought us.
It is time we silenced the extreme left and their minions. Stand stronge against gay marriage in the form it is now in. Should be Legal Partnerships. Religion should be no part of this union. Any church that sanctions gay marriage has lost its way and no longer represents the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit.
Stand strong for your gun owership rights, your freeedom of speach, your right to assemble, all the rights in your Constitution and Bill of Rights. You must speak out at every left wing newspaper, politician who speaks against your rights. Do it now.
This (p)resident has slapped the face of our friends, England and Canada and made a mockery of our beliefs in front of our enemies. 2010 is vital to our survival.
Watch carfully the judges you elect they must protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Tie up ACORN members with questions and fill out their forms with non existing names, (B.Mouse R. Trout)
They are an enemy of this country. Again, plan those Fourth of July parties well in advance. We will win.

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Go Marylou. A leader who has no moral core just blows in the wind, as does he.
No positive moral, ethical or religious core.If you look that includes most of the democrats. They are now led by Soros and Move on. Soros made a comment recently that many overlooked: "I have succeeded, I have succeeded). He succeeded in undermining our ecomomy, which was his goal. Leahey, Waxman, Polosi, Ried (NV) Dodd, and B. Frank must be removed. Dodd and Frank did indeed lie to President Bush about Fanny and Freddie that to me is punishable. It also can be considered subversive behavior that ended in the undermining of our economic security. It is beyond important that you call them demand they remove themselves from office, call the leadership demanding this. This also goes for traitor Napalitano. There is a lot of work to do before the next elections in 2010. Start planning Fourth of July gatherings now, so this turn out will dwarf the Tea parties.

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SirJoeTheJust is right,
there is too much violation of and overriding of our laws by the Executive branch, Congress members and some in the Judiciary. They must be held to account but we are the only overseers. They is no self policing in any area of our Government anymore. Many men and woman of greed and arrogance.

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I'm in my sixties and for the first time I am encouraging people because of Obama's outrageous comments and brown nosing in Europe about the hard working American people being arrogant etc.,to send him a small package of Kleenex as he may need them.

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You are so right.
Our Constitution states regarding the House, terms of two years and the Senate, for six years and the Senate be divided into three parts - first class vacate after two years, the second class after four years and the third class after six years. So that one third may be chosen every second year. They are not supposed to entrench themselves as they have done.
Many Liberal/ Socialist Judges are having removed from their dossiers important information regarding money and donations given them, They always had to be open about their financial situation so as to be above any suspicion. Many cases had to be reopened and retried because some of these same judges had taken money and ruled in favor of he/her who greased their palms. This should stop also. Watch these selections carefully, you do not want judges who create law or use International law against us. They are only to interpret and clarify existing law, that is their sole job.
Here is a question for thought - If a judge creates a law from thin air are we or any Governor obliged to obey?
As a judge did a few years back raising school taxes? Roe vs Wade or as Al Gore did with one of your phone taxes?
Article I Section 9 of our Constitution; The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it. We indeed where invaded. 911911911

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Term limits as our Founding Fathers set in our Constitution. It was never intended for Congress to have pensions or health care provided by the government. The careers they have created for themselves has demeaned the work they were sent to do and made greedy pigs of them so they not longer attend to what is good for America, but only for their own futures. Soros said years ago he would "own the Democrat party" he does. He also said recently he has achieved his goal, that being to take the economy of America to its knees, as he took England's Bank of England to its knees years back. My question to the FBI and Justice departments is - why is he and Louis Farrakhan , a Muslim and another America hater still in this country? England had enough sense to kick them both out but here they are with us. We have become lazy and slack with our enforcement of our laws and choice of leaders and people we send to Washington, that has to change ASAP for this nation to survive if it will after the slaughter it is enduring now. If you want your Constitution and your Bill of Rights to endure start being heard by Congress and the President right now and if your are a praying person start now. I'll fight to the end.