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Now picturing the sitcom where sweet Karl takes NYC by storm with his three best gal pals. On the next episode, can Karl strategically redistribute some wealth so he can afford those Manolos on a freelancer's budget???

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Yessssss. *raises hand*

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I really like your comment. I think after reading many of the other comments enraged about the treatment of Alice and Julia, how much you like the books may come down to how much you're able to identify with Quentin. As a former "gifted" child who has spent a great deal of adulthood feeling like a letdown and trying to figure out how to build a satisfying life (this last bit is a work in progress admittedly,) I identified with him a great deal. Regarding the treatment of the books' women, yes, horrible things do happen to the women in the books, but I also think those things hit us so hard because Alice and Julia feel real--they are fleshed out characters that we can care about and identify with, not just "women in refrigerators" whose tragedies are meant to move the plot forward. I do definitely understand how these things could come off differently to someone else though, or might seem too triggering/irritating to make the rest of the series worth bothering with.

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Well in that case let's seal this imperial treaty with a high five!

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Sounds like the basis of a healthy cousin relationship! I see no potential downsides here!

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Pretty sure haters will be first against the wall when either @unreadaethel or I claims our birthright

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I will fight you for this throne, o distant cousin

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"It's spelt Death. Pronounce it anyway you like. Most of the people who are plagued with it make it rhyme with teeth, but personally I think it sounds more picturesque when rhymed with breath...."

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No, can't be, Like Water For Chocolate is already the bad version of Like Water For Chocolate

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I have long held this same theory about Richard Curtis movies! Four Weddings and a Funeral is another example of an extremely enjoyable movie in which none of the protagonist's actions stand up to scrutiny. Spoiler alert, it is NOT normal to decide that you love someone on the basis of having met them twice, so much so that you attempt to break up their wedding and then break up your own wedding. This is not A Thing.