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Yes, I loved that book! I was so sad when I finished it; I really didn't want to leave that world. I'd have been perfectly happy if it had meandered along for another 900 pages.

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The Royal Society of Chemists researched Miss Havisham's wedding cake back in 2011, and it's a doozy:

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Wait, so that whole "Who sir, me sir? Yes sir, you sir" thing in Houseboat came from the Bible?

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Holy shit, did he REALLY? I once fractured a rib by laughing too hard; our glorious pairing would've been carnage!

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THANK you. My thoughts exactly.

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I also MAY have drunkenly bellowed "I WANNA FUCK JOHN DENVER" at my best friend when we were in college, and 20 years later said bff MAY still remind me of it on at least a monthly basis

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I was in the 8th grade when those hearings were going on, and hoooo boy was I invested. I remember actually cheering when John, who everyone clearly expected to be pro-labelling, stepped up and proceeded to demolish them in the most John Denver of ways. He was my hero from that point on (and I still hate Tipper Gore, but I held my nose and voted for Al because I HAD TO AND THIS IS A LESSON FOR TODAY omg sorry my nerves are extremely frayed)

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It's a good thing it's not the 1600s; we would all be executed for weather-predicting witchcraft.

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Thanks! Yeah, it stinks. But it's definitely worth tracking to see if the numbers coincide with how you're feeling. It could also be that it's just really crappy timing, and a cocktail of triggers are overlapping for you - hormones, barometric pressure, stressing over the headache itself. Do you have any allergies? They can also be a contributing factor - especially now, with all the mold and pollen in the air.
Ugh. I'm so sorry. If this has never happened to you before and it persists, you may want to talk to your doctor about it. If only for the peace of mind. Good luck - I hope you feel better soon!

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I get barometric pressure migraines that can last weeks at a time. As soon as the pressure changes, I get a migraine, and if it stays high - anything above 29.50 for me - the headache sticks around until the pressure drops again. Last month we had numbers of 30.50+ for almost two straight weeks and I was a WRECK. I have prescription migraine meds, but they make me feel like I'm underwater, so I try to stick with advil and watch the weather reports like a hawk to get out ahead of it. But even with the pain muffled, the sinus pressure still makes my teeth ache and my skull feel like it's going to explode outward.
My brother and I inherited this lovely sensitivity from our mom. Growing up, rainy days were always occasions of great giddy excitement in our house, because it meant a break in the pressure and a rebirth as a normal human being for each of us.