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If you look at the tax records for this lot, there is no "ton of money being made" if fact the listing price is lower than what she paid and renters are only covering half of her mortgage.

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It odd that you make these claims without any knowledge of the facts.

This home has had the limbs trimmed back from the chimney every year since she bought this home, and there are no rain gutters. The homeowner has also been a "mountain resident" for over 15 years.

So I guess you are OK with big government coming in a claiming Eminent domain to cut down old growth trees to make a parking space.

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One thing the article fails to mention is that these trees are "old growth" trees estimated to be over 250 years old. The are over 2 feet in diameter at chest height. These trees have been in this location longer than the town of Nederland, longer than Excel's power lines and longer than the street itself.

This home was built originally in the 40's and is one of the older homes on the street. At the time it was built is was commercial property and having "close" access to the roadway was a desired feature. Now that the the neighborhood has evolved and is "residential" by nature new construction is being built within the boundaries of cities claimed Right of Way.

I found out about this project from another Nederland Resident and looked further into this issue. One concern the homeowner here mentioned is that she was never informed by the project planners, as many others were on the street. Why is this? They have her contact information on some of the plans.

One of the projects main goals is to reduce flooding along the street, This has been a problem in the past due to poor city upkeep and poor engineering of the storm runoff. The proposed plan calls for pave stones set over a gravel base (to allow water to seep down to a drain pipe). This plan does not take into consideration the facts that heavy rains do not allow for gradual trickle down action. Nor does the design take into consideration the fact that freezing weather negates any of this trickle down. The current design would create an "ice trough" down the middle of the road.

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a pair of good 'ol Bonnine and Clydes

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So your saying Boulderites LIKE having their freedoms and rights taken away by the goverenment...without a single citezens vote being cast?

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Here it is again the title...calling it a clip, and the cartridges being called bullets. At least this time it is correctly called a magazine in the storie text. Jesh these DC writers are thick.

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a magazine holds cartridges and allows the gun to shoot multiple times.

A Cartridge is the complete "package" comprised of a bullet (or projectile) , the case, the powder in the case which when ignited by the primer, provides the gas force to propel the bullet down the barrel.

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Jeopardy Version: "Alex.... I'll take "Proper Firearm Terminology " for a $100

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I can say with a high degree of confidence that this Magazine was not brought to the school by any gun owner. But rather a gun owners kid.

This leads to other issues. Why was this magazine available for a kid take it.

And why does the kid think bringing it to school was a good idea.

Both of these issues lead to poor education to the child on the parents part. I grew up in a home full of guns (my dad was a cop). We were taught to respect and properly handle firearms as young children.

Most kids these days have a sense of curiosity about guns. When properly introduced to them the fear and curiosity can be alleviated.

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another acceptable term would be "round of ammunition"