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Here is a useful reading for the City Council members and for everyone who wants to learn the truth about marijuana: http://www.justice.gov/dea/docs/marijuana_positio...

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The definition "medical" with relation to marijuana is a lie. All of this rat race around "medical" marijuana is to advertise for the voters the "effectiveness" of regulations which is completely absent in reality.

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Legalization has been tried already. This is not a new idea. Every time marijuana has been re-criminalized. Example: Alaska experience. Society that freely allows its members to become non-humans through the use of drugs ceases to be a human society very soon. This is a different world, pretty disgusting one...

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Pro-marijuana propaganda a community service? What a twisted thinking... But what can be expected of a District Attorney whose first re-election campaign action was a letter supporting "dispensaries" near schools?

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Another lie paid for by local drug cartel.

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A very reasonable position taken by the regents. 60% majority of Colorado voters did not support the marijuana legalization last time (in 2006). It will take a little effort to repeat that success.

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Marijuana is prohibited in almost all countries in the world. Read here why: http://www.justice.gov/dea/pr/multimedia-library/...

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Now we learn that this bacchanalia with commercial distribution of one of the illegal drugs and organized fraud of the public about non-existent "medical" properties of marijuana is done by the city on tax money... Sure enough the local drug cartel does not have reasons to criticize the city officials.

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Pretending that marijuana regulations are strict. Lightly beating one commercial distribution center of illegal drag while 40 others are flourishing in Boulder.

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The goal was to reduce this shameful orgy to its real scale: 300 idiots smoking out of 30,000 CU-Boulder students and 10,000 staff. Mission accomplished. Next year will be yet easier.