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And Judge Melonakis laid one in on the State too-- because that is exactly where the problem originates. CDHS, its Reggie Bicha and attorney, John Suthers-- the Attorney General of the State of Colorado, no less-- aren't interested in helping or protecting children. Their only interested in running in illegals and getting them welfare cash. That is for their big business partnerships. More welfare money to the illegals-- and less big business has to pay the illegals while fleecing the taxpayers to pay for the illegals welfare cash. CDHS and Suthers are not interested in children or their safety. CDHS had files open on these children but 72 of those children wound up dead in the space of only 60 months.

I know of a case where CDHS and Suthers and the ladies down at the Boulder County Department were threatening and terrorizing an elderly person for 2 years about that elderly person's Old Age Pension-- just for the sport of it-- they were tormenting and terrorizing this elderly woman--- spending A LOT of time in game playing and nonsense-- when had they been taking care of children in life-threatening situations--- that CDHS, Suthers and our own Director of BDHHS, Frank L. Alexander., President of all County Department Directors KNEW about and KNEW THOSE CHILDREN WERE IN LIFE THREATENING SITUATION--- if these negligent officials would have been taking care of business and fulfilling their DUTIES-- those children would not have wound up dead.

Prior to this darling child, Michael Harris being beaten to death-- what was our own District Attorney, Stan Garnett doing ? Was Garnett advising his county employee, Frank Alexander to get on it and make sure other County Human Services Directors were taking care of business to ensure there were no more homicides of children and that the lazy silly ladies at the welfare departments were not wasting time in harassing citizens about their benefits-- Nope-- prior to Michael Harris' death on February 2, 2011-- our Stan was getting the statute changed on indecent exposure-- so naked men could run down the middle of the street with pumpkins on their heads in the Naked Pumpkin Parade.

What a bunch of irresponsible officials.

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'2001 Fairview High grad' -- and what else since then ? That's the list of his achievements--- this is 2013. Another do nothing like good ol' dad. Slop mopping, boot licking good ol' dad.

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This is the very kind of thing you Occupy folks SHOULD be standing up for. Cops running around planning to kill a valuable innocent animal-- bragging about it and laughing. And a bought, corrupt politician--- Stan Garnett who stands idle and would not immediately press charges.

We need to picket Garnett's Office--- the only thing that matters to him his power and money. Take that away from him. Let's start a recall and get this coward and paid off shit out of office.

That elk's body needs to be confiscated from the killer cops. They cannot and should not be allowed to profit off of their killing.

Macon Cowles says the killing of the elk reflects the "Boulder Culture"--- no, no, no ! What it reflects is a goddamn corrupt government taking the side of killers like these dirty cops who killed the elk.

The elk was a beautiful creature and the world is watching what that screw ball misfit Garnett is going to do.

The elk was hunted down in the middle of a City--- whose people say they care about about LIFE and all living things. The elk felt that and he believed it-- so he came down from the mountain to be with people--- he trusted us--- and he was shot down in cold Blood and SLAUGHTERED by these ruthless brutal smug face rotten two cops. Who is next ?

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A RECALL of Garnett needs to be started right now. Stan has been doing a lot of outrageous things in Boulder.

The cops killed the elk in cold blood. They planned it and tried to hide it.

Elk antlers can pull in a lot of money-- they're highly coveted in Chinese medicine. And organic elk meat is worth a small fortune.

Those dirty cops must not be allowed to profit on their killing--- the antlers and all of the elk's body need to be confiscated. And the cops must be removed and terminated from their employment on the Boulder police force immediately. They must be prosecuted for felony cruelty to an animal.

That elk was a beautiful creature. He trusted humans-- and that was his only mistake.

The killer cops have put shame on this community. Stan has as well. Remember, he is the nit wit disgrace who got legislation changed for his Naked Pumpkin Parade to let naked men run down the middle of the Pearl Street with pumpkins on their heads. Anything having to do with debauchery, tearing down of our Society and to make Americans look stupid is Stan's goal.

Stan is also the disgraceful leader who publicly announced that illegals can commit crimes against other people and they will not be prosecuted. Stan says the Statute on extortion protects illegals. No it doesn't. The Statute only protects illegals if they are being blackmailed and extorted from for money or some other thing of value. The Statute on extortion does NOT protect them or give them immunity from prosecution for crimes they commit such as stealing another person's social security number and identity.
The "they made me do it" defense does not work-- and Stan is violating the law to say it does.

Stan is a bought dude-- and he needs to be recalled.

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There's a lot that is going to happen in the space of a year. The city council says they want to implement this plastic bag tax in July 2013. Plenty of time for objections.

It's interesting to note, however, that not one market nor retailer who've made their fortunes for years on Boulder's shoppers--- has come forward to say they'll provide their customers with biodegradable bags at no charge. Multi-billion dollar Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, Lucky's, and Target certainly can afford it without feeling any pinch at all. But, they are tantalized with making more money and a profit on the bag tax !

The cardboard boxes and heavy duty plastic wrap their products come in from their warehouses--- make up several hundred tons more environmental waste than what plastic bags customers use.

These stores make a tremendous profit on what their environmental waste creates. But anytime there's more money to be had for them--- they sneak off instead of owning up to their own part in the whole thing. But....

Just because the city council is working a deal for corporates to get them out of their own environmental responsibility--- does not mean that is the way it is going to go down.

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'the site doesn't likely fall under the Colorado Hazard Waste Act"

"likely" is not saying it doesn't. An official with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment should be more concerned about Public Health & Environment. "likely" is not an adequate response.

Jamison says, "CDPHE does not have the authority to force Boulder & Xcel into a voluntary clean up program." That's evading the issue again. What about a mandatory clean up program for the protection of Public Health & Environment ? Jamison's reply would be that's not our job.

Daily Camera--- I don't need you to publish my posts-- they're in my book. Which I got a deadline extension on. Clean up the environment with the plastic bag tax--- for money. No clean-up the environment for the City and Xcel--- because the City already got the money from Xcel to say they don't have to. Interesting how that works.

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By the way--- the only reason the City Council nixed the idea of banning plastic bags is because plastic industries have already filed suit in several cities--- if there is an outright ban on their products. The cowardly City Council and its cowardly City attorney want easy cash off people packing their groceries.

The grocery stores snuck off with any objections once they got word they'd get money off the deal too. They're ready to police customers-- even though it means a lot of congestion with customers trying to find their bags, not bringing enough bags for what they bought, or having to run out to the car to get their bags, or the bums who have no bags and are going to make a big scene about how unfair everything is for them, (or that they're concerned about dirty reuseable bags !) and various other delays, and time consuming nonsense over something which really makes no difference if looking at the larger picture of corporate and industrial polluters. Their products which line every shelf in every market and every store and every hardware store--- go untaxed and the grocery store and retail honchos also rack up billions monthly in profits for marketing plastics.

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A Daily Camera report on 4/22/2011-- "Boulder confirms soil, groundwater contamination near Farmer's Market," reads:
The City, in partnership with Xcel Energy shows that groundwater in the area is contaminated with benzene and naphthalene--- all of which are carcinogenic industrial agents and which the Colorado Department of Health & Environment states that Xcel's former gas plant is the source of the chemical contamination.
But..... the City's spokesperson, Sarah Huntley says it's no biggy because "the area of contamination is covered with asphalt that separates the soil and water from any human contact--- so there's no risk to Boulder's drinking water." Huntley says "that's what the City, in partnership with Xcel Energy's study shows."

So here we have a study by the City which differs quite substantially from the City's study about plastic bag use by customers at grocery stores. As it is very evident, when the polluters are big business, corporate renegades--- the City says it's no big thing. No fees nor fines are implemented on the corporate Xcel, whom the City said was the worst company in their municipalization fight. But in this case of soil and water contamination by Xcel--- the City says they are partners with Xcel and Xcel did no wrong.

The State of Colorado's Department of Public Health & Environment's unit leader Doug Jamison of course cut the City renegades along with their renegade partner Xcel-- slack saying that the contamination "likely doesn't fall under the Colorado Hazardous Waste Act which requires the clean up of sites that were contaminated in the early 1980's."

But for plastic bag use by anyone at a grocery store--- the City jumps at the chance of docking people a tax--- and once it's a "law" as the City Council says it's aiming to enact--- criminal penalties for plastic bag use no doubt will soon follow. We never have seen such zealousness by the City Council or such care about the environment until they got the idea about getting more free money off the taxpayers' backs.

The State of Colorado's Department of Public Health & Environment guy, Doug Jamison said the City of Boulder and Xcel could have joined in a voluntary clean up for the contaminated soil and groundwater--- but the City nor Xcel were interested in that. Jamison said--- "there's nothing we have that forces them into the voluntary clean up." (How convenient.)

Maybe the City's recent plastic bag consumer use study and impact on the environment should be expanded to include corporate and industrial polluters and their trillions of tons of carcinogenic contaminants they generate over the smidgling that consumer's plastic bag use generates.

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The reason the Colorado Senate Bill 09-156, the "Plastic Bag Reduction Act' failed and was voted down, was because: 1) the Senate saw the legal problems if they tried to vote it in; and 2) the Senate members were "persuaded" by big business to drop it--- since ultimately big business and corporates would be involved and they would have to accept the consequences for their failures to take their own environmental responsibility-- which would translate down to very expensive improvements and having to spend A LOT OF MONEY to make those improvements. Nothing is worth enough to corporates and big business CEO's to have to do that and lose profits. Not the environment nor survival of this planet means enough to corporates & big business to do their part.

Councilman Tim Plass says the "burden shouldn't be on the retailers"---- why not ? They market & sell plastic products, and create a huge part of the problem--- and as I said in my previous post--- retailers make available trillions of tons of plastics far outweighing consumers using plastic bags to tote their groceries.

Plass and the other City Coucil members stay clear of mentioning anything about corporate manufacturers of plastics and plastic products--- and the trillions of tons of waste disposal problems they create--- like that's just a part of business-- so it's o.k. But, it's not. It is the issue here.

Read the City Council's b.s. person, Ms Harkins' report--- a lot of guilt drivel about OUR environmental responsibility and what "we" have done to the streams and wildlife and land--- nary a mention of what this City allows big business to do to the streams and wildlife and land.

The City's paternalistic slop to try to make us behave and do what we should do--- while they seek to help the real culprits get out of their responsibility--- is disgusting and typical of these outrageous characters on the City Council without any good ethics about what they do for money, or any real care for our environment or this City.

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The City Council says there will be a public hearing-- but, as we know that is just a formality--- a procedure they are required to take which amounts to nothing more than that-- a meaningless formality. Oh, there's also suppose to be a vote on it by the people.

But, as we all know--- Boulder officials have changed the meaning of voting-- as we saw in the 2 person vote to put Ben Pearlman in office as the County Attorney. Yes, 2 people voted on it while the entire pays for it ---- Pealman's astronomical salary is a $120,000 grand a year ! Isn't that like $3,000 grand a week ?

"Public hearings" in Boulder are conducted the same way. It's obvious--- they've already made up their minds and as usual will do what they want no matter what anyone says. That bold defiance is why the City needs to be sued. These benign creatures in their city council dialogues ought to be booted out just because they are so smug, complacent, self-righteous, self-serving assholes.

Councilmember Tim Plass says: "If I went to King Soopers and used six bags and it was an extra $1.20-- I think next time I would remember to get my bags from behind the seat. It will be interesting to see how Boulder responds. A lot of this could be avoided by bringing your own bags."

It's very apparent Mr. Plass has his mind made up.

At $82,000 dollars a year--- which is a couple of thousand a week-- Mr. Plass hardly needs to worry about plastic bags or getting up off his seat. Which of course is why he wanted such a chill "job" as being a City Council member.

We'll see how Boulder responds ? You will see it alright--- by suit for allowing this unbridled profit making in these toxic plastics by corporates and only soaking the little guy. Mr. Plass, the "retired attorney at 48" (!)--- and the rest of the City Council should be put on customs duty around Boulder to ensure that no further plastics products, toxic substances, pesticides etc. come into the City of Boulder.
They most willingly should assume their roles as protectors of the environment--- because they care so much. Plass starts his custom duty at 5:00 a.m. at the Highway 36 off ramp. Macon--- your duty starts at 4:00 a.m. to monitor City Market trucks coming into King Soopers on Table Mesa. All trucks must be turned back if they are carrying plastic containers and plastic wrapped products. How 'bout that ?