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Lapis is surprisingly underdeveloped for having been around as long as she has.

I think they're saving it for after Steven fixes Jasper. Jasper's the Gem who knows the most about Lapis -- and she seems to think that Lapis is hiding something after having been in her mind. This and a few of the previous episodes seem to suggest that Lapis still has a chip on her shoulder. About what? She isn't talking, and by being cooperative and helpful she isn't forced to talk about it.

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The episode didn't really change my opinion.

It's pretty clear that Lapis' development arc isn't over.

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That arrow's probably pointing the wrong way in that picture, tbh.

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" I almost drowned a lot of people. "

That is ... ominous. Hm.

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I feel like Lapis tolerates Peridot but doesn't really like her.

She's only trying to get along with others for Steven's sake.

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If you are not a Nielson Household (you will know if you are) then the best way to support the show would be to buy merchandise.

TV Ratings while important are not as important as merchandise sales for children's programming. Children's TV shows essentially exist to sell merchandise and advertising space to sponsors. As such, merchandise sales are a stronger indicator of a show's success than ratings.

Increasingly, TV Networks understand that live TV Ratings are not an accurate measure of a show's popularity. The rise of DVR, Streaming, and On-Demand TV Services are a double edged sword for the networks. While Live TV viewership is decreasing and projected to continue to decease in the foreseeable future, viewership of TV on legitimate streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

So while it's nice if you could watch the Bomb live you don't actually have to. You view might not even be measured.

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Not Filler, but given our history with deceptive titles probably not what people were expecting either.


Connie mistakes Lapis and Peridot for the enemy. The feeling is mutual.
They do the opposite of what they were told to do with what follows.

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It is tagged Spoilers, and you can disable spoilers by clicking on the gear on the Menu.

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??? looks like Pearl from the Pilot Promo Poster (#2) -

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I'm guessing that Rose Quartz are a relatively new Gem Type created by Pink Diamond to heal what were otherwise considered fatal injuries by gems like being Broken, Shattered, or Corrupted. Pink Diamond and the rest of Homeworld didn't know what " hurt " was until the humans on Earth explained the concept to them. When Pink Diamond learned about pain and also that humans had doctors to treat certain types of pain she began cultivating a type of gem to treat " Gem Pain ".

Rose was probably among the first created Rose Quartz and the one who had the largest grip on her power -- but even she was not able to perfect it. Her duty was to be a medic, but from her perspective it was the people of Earth, not Homeworld, who needed protecting. So she rebelled. From the looks of it (all of the bubbles are pink) Pink Diamond recalled the rest of the Rose Quartz before they could organize against her, but was shattered before she could recall Rose. The other Diamonds saw the Rose Quartz as a threat and possible defect for having shattered Pink and ordered the rest of the Rose Quartz shattered, unaware that their function was incredibly useful and unsure if they can actually be controlled.