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Arguably, the way I think the last issue is basically going to involve Sombra, Hope, Cadance, and the Umbrum, everyone else there including the Mane 6 and the Legion of Not So Evil (which will have their heel face turn) are just going to be part of a big battle to keep the umbrum at bay while there's a story driving between Sombra, Hope, and Cadance. That latter part I suspect will also reveal the fate/nature of Princess Amore and her connection to Cadance (that big hint drop when Hope brings up the near visual similarity).

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Now waiting for new Payload/Payload race maps.

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Note the black crystals on her horn, she got hit with what hit Shining back in "Crystal Empire" to subdue her magic.

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Arguably, the Spike/Luna FF took Luna out of the story fast, making it more 80% Spike/20% Luna. (Here, the few Z-less pages made it more 55%/45% Spike/Zecora, and that was fine)

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That's my vector of Coco in the banner art (I know Sethiso commented on it yesterday :)

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The bulk of the audio is from a Pepe Le Pew LT short.

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We have a confirmed guess actress, Kristin Chenoweth, that will be in it too. Not maybe a top-tier actress but certainly not an unknown.

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From the NY Toy Fair, some of these are likely: (Rarity, Pinkie, Starlight) (Coco) (Fashioned-up Rarity) (Always-dresses-in-style RD) (Fashioned-up Pinkie)

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99% sure that is pixelkitties' art on the mat.

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I'm going by her tone and reaction at the end learning that Twilight knows magic as powerful as her *and* has friends. Equals town was her attempt to make ponies be her friend, now she's trying to learn how Twilight can actually do that without force.