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Eventually you're going to need another column in your web views counter.

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Rather odd, seeing as mares have won the gender lottery in EQ I'd expect more wanting to become female. It's not like the mares are standing in line to be inseminated by the fewer-in-number stallions so it's not about getting laid or is it?

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There's no way to tell how many watched online unless the NSA decides to sell that sort of data for some quick cash. One indication would be to monitor Ms Hall's followers after the fact to get an idea how many watched.

Remember the low ratings for the season openings and finales, those don't take into account the number of viewers who watch in groups; two people or a hundred, it's still only counts as one screen. I expect group viewings of the finale this weekend will also give low numbers if you erroneously equate a one-to-one, screen-to-viewer ratio.

The trick is, if you're going out to view with friends leave your home TV on during the show.

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I would profess Hasbro may well be trying to wrap up the show within the next two years, S6 and a movie and that's all they are willing to produce. The previous hiatus shook off a lot of viewers (some of which have returned) and another long period between seasons may bring the numbers down to where ordering a new season is not required.

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To make hay edible for humans you break down the cellulose through fermentation. Extrude the remainder and cut it to fry length. Cook.

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Applejack, grown on me? From ep 1/1 she's only one pony I'd trust my back to, and only one pony I'd aspire to earn the same.

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She only shows up when ponies are falling over. She's the Jessica Fletcher of Equestria.

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This release is too recent to show up on J-List immediately however it's something we can ask them about getting, cost may not be any cheaper.

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Those fuckers. It would have worked, S4 or not. Now I can't watch MMC; I reject their reality for M.A.L.'s.

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More shipping is going to sail or sink in this ep than the battle of Leyte Gulf.