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This is fake news. The Reuters report that this is based on is anonymously sourced. The Hill is always completely unreliable propaganda. Manufacturing consent. BS.

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The only possible thing that can save life on this planet is for major religions to step forward with one voice and declare a worldwide debt jubilee and a plea to end all killing. I believe this will bankrupt the warmonger countries' governments. The people, given a voice, will compel them to stop making war.

People stuck in the left-right paradigm would do well to recognize that the proper paradigm is up-down. Please think about it.

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The reason the US military is being built with astronomical budgets is that the Zionist elite have been scared for a very long time of a brutal, leftwing Trump-like figure emerging.
By embracing elites and the hierarchical structure at all levels of society, the people have been fooled once again. The left has been totally defeated, most of all because they have foolishly adopted non-violence as a strategy that will somehow defeat all the right's armies and weaponry.

Liberalism completely died in my baby boom generation. And so it goes...

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The so-called elites must die first!
Our environment-ravaging leaders.
Authoritarian jackasses.
Military-Industrial-Congressional criminals.
Then anyone in any office, be they Republican or Democratic, since these are the neoliberal scumbags that ruined everything, and continually refuse to fix it.
Death to the economic system that enslaves the 90%, and kiss the bankers goodbye.
Outlaw usury. TAX interest income and capital gains at 90%, and restore the estate tax! Tax hedge funds and all derivative gains at 99%!
Instant socialism, please.

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Mr. Curtis is very unimpressive. Couldn't read the whole article, because the BS started early on. The Economist? Really?

If you cannot accurately identify the problem, then you cannot provide any solution.

Nothing to see here. Move on.

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He taught at West Point. He's been a problem for the citizens of the world for many, many years. His whining now carries no weight. What was this clown saying in 2002?

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I would definitely tell them all to screw off, but so what?

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Not going to happen.

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This guy is part of the problem, definitely not part of the solution.

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There is so much disinformation in Mr. Engdahl's article that it has taken a whole website to more than adequately debunk. Please see the Skeptical Science site. www.skepticalscience.com

There you may become convinced that Mr. Engdahl has been duped. Repeatedly. And on several fronts.

Please keep in mind that the petition effort was begun in 1998.

97.5% of climate change scientists believe that humans have caused global warming. See this link: https://skepticalscience.com/scrutinising-31000-s...

There's so much more, but libertarians and social conservatives apparently have a difficult time with scientific evidence.

A person without scientific standing (like Mr. Engdahl) also weighs in with evidence-based commentary here: https://guymcpherson.com/climate-chaos/climate-ch...

The geopolitics that Mr. Engdahl so knowledgeably writes about is grotesque, and he is an excellent commenter, but the truth has eluded him with this article.