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With all due respect Mr. President, Europe is just a little tamed puppy following every last directive from the biggest imperial power the globe has ever seen: the Washington militarist imperialists and Zionists. These are the sociopaths who have totally obliterated your once relatively sovereign nation, they used psychotic mercenary Takfiri terrorists.

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Off topic:

This is THEE best synopsis you will see on the I.G. report and its flaccid conclusion.

Jimmy Dore is a godsend!

(only 25 min.)

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"...One reason it can do that is the serious lack of knowledge and realism in U.S. foreign policy thinking. It is itself the outcome of an educational crisis. U.S. 'political science' studies implement a mindset that is unable to objectively recognize the facts and fails to respond to them with realistic concepts...."


I'm not infrequently mocked as a conspiracy theorist for refusing to believe the Kremlin interfered in the '16 presidential election, or for seriously questioning the Zionist project and the influence they have in the Western mass media, or for constantly criticizing the militarization of virtually the entire U.S. politico-economic system. If one happens to state that China and Russia want nothing more than cordial and reciprocal commercial relations with the rest of the globe one will be scoffed at and condescended to.

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Good point.

It's incredible what YahooNews' comment section "moderators" have done to my comments. I know it's incredibly difficult to even mention the word "Zionist" w/o your post immediately disappearing into the ether.

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The status quo is totally untenable, it's the best argument for Medicare-for-All, period.

ALL of the half-baked debating points used against Medicare-for-All by the bloodsuckers of the health insurance-health industrial complex fade into oblivion when the simple fact is pointed out that the status quo is, and will be, much more expensive and inefficient than any prospective Medicare-for-All system.

Don't let the blood suckers of the health insurance-health industrial complex run a hustle on you!

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The hasbara trolls are expert at mounting attacks on anyone who posts anything online that criticizes the Zionist project or has a letter or op-ed published in a state or local newspaper that paints Israel in a negative light. (They don't focus much on ICH or other progressive-populist sites; they focus more on countering posts in comment sections on Yahoo news stories or YouTube or other mainstream sites.)

Of course they're also adept at smearing local activists who speak up for the Palestinian cause and denounce Israeli lawlessness and brutality.

Things used to be worse a couple of decades ago. Chomsky, Said and others could barely give a talk without some loud-mouthed paranoid and crazy Zionist screaming in their faces. Progress has been a slog though.

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NATO should've been tossed into the dustbin of history in 1991. NATO's continued existence to the present day belies the propaganda that was pumped out incessantly for much of the 20th century that the Soviet Union was an ominous threat to the West.

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"a political class seen as corrupt and serving foreign powers while many Iraqis languish in poverty without jobs, healthcare or education."

This an absolute textbook example of exactly what happens after the Washington imperialists and Zionists invade your country and obliterate everything in sight, turning your once relatively prosperous nation into a regional basket case and failed state, textbook!

The Washington militarists and Zionists were successful in totally destroying that once sovereign nation. The sickest thing about it all is that the scribes, million dollar media pundits, talking-heads, politicians and bureaucrats who made it all happen by drumming into the heads of millions of Americans that Saddam just had to be overthrown in a bloody invasion, haven't paid any price whatsoever! None! They're now the same folks ensuring us all that the Kremlin hacked the '16 prez election and that Russia's a threat to the U.S. and Europe.

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Foreign election interference, foreign election interference?

Ask Cynthia McKinney, Earl Hilliard, Pete McCloskey and Paul Findley about foreign election interference.

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To blame NED or some other NGO is to be labeled a Soros hating anti-Semite. Therefore there's absolutely no way NED or some other NGO is involved, no way whatsoever, none.