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Excellent comments. I can relate to much of what you just wrote. Avoid the issue, go elsewhere for some rationality. All spot-on.

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The CIA's been farming out a lot of the more clandestinely malicious activities to NED and other non-governmental organizations for quite awhile now. Ever since the public started getting wise to some of its more violent and subversive conduct.

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This man's story has the ring of truth to it.

Also, it brings up another issue: if Obama is in fact a closeted homosexual narcotics user, it means certain powerful and nefarious people could've had blackmail material on him.

At the very least, let's find out who really killed Donald Young. Perhaps it's the same crew who rubbed out Seth Rich.

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Nice sentiment, but please understand that a very large segment of the U.S. population is completely immune. No matter what's explained to them they simply won't change their minds that Putin's a madman and that the Kremlin's filled with warmongers. They have a weird and dangerous emotional bond to a perspective that's indestructible.

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Put Blinken, Nuland and Sullivan on the front lines. Also throw in Bill Kristol and Nikki Haley. While we're at it, demand the CEOs of Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed, Raytheon and General Dynamics join them.

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Earth to stopempire, Earth to stopempire...

Are you Victoria Nuland's sock puppet?

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Yes. I've read the same thing about the Russian commander saving the world.

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The whole notion of whether the "not move 1 inch east..." was etched in writing or not, never much mattered in my book.

To me it's real simple: whether it was written down in documented format or not, NATO (Washington-Zio-militarist empire) should NOT have moved one inch east, period. The bottom line is that Washington would never countenance such a move if a China-Russia alliance moved into the Caribbean, Mexico, or Canada.

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"It is time for Ukraine and its Western partners to move to the path of peace and reconstruction. But this can only happen when Ukraine surrenders and accepts reality."

Correction = this can only happen when the Washington Ziocon/neocons accept reality and are either lobotomized or put in prison.

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The US is dominated by parasitic international finance.

These billionaire bloodsuckers destroyed our country. We have no one in the room to counter these parasitic savages; no one in the room to pound the table and wrestle concessions from them!

None of this is quantum physics. Class warfare is the driving motor force of history.

The United States of BlackRock Israel is now a drug addicted indebted train wreck.

China’s showing the globe a different way.

Is Beijing perfect, no, no nation-state is. But it's indeed showing a different way in many respects versus the Washington-militarist hegemon, the biggest the world has ever seen.

It started domestically when China completely eliminated grinding poverty throughout its vast land. Now it's deepening mutually beneficial commercial and development relations with myriad Third World countries and the rest of the world.