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Gotta love how the CIA's trying to lay the blame squarely at Biden's doorstep. Yes, Biden's culpable, but c'mon!, the intel community has been responsible for the maiming and murdering of countless innocent civilians in Afghanistan for the last two decades.

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Australia purchases heavy weaponry from Washington to supposedly protect itself from China but is in all actuality protecting itself from potential sanctions and demonization from the Washington capitalist machine. For Australia to enter into cooperative biz relations with China would bring forth a wrath of condemnation from the Western militarist imperialists. As Mearsheimer said, just ask Fidel Castro how malicious the U.S. can be when you strike an independent course.

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It is peculiar that simultaneous to Australia's heinous and unnecessary over-the-top Covid lockdown policies it decides to enter into a nuke submarine deal with the Washington-militarist empire.

To almost literally saber rattle at Beijing in such a manner is terrifying and disgraceful.

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Yes it is. I've had an actual paper copy on my bookshelf for years, with key passages duly highlighted.

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United States

If you're implying that the FDA hasn't been captured by Big Pharma I can't help you.

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It's quite possible that there will never be enough Palestinian suffering and death to sate the Zionist filth. Merely read Israel Shahak's seminal book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" for a primer. (It's a relatively short read too.)

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I actually had someone on this message board the other day say that the whole Covid vax dynamic has nothing to do with industry capture of the regulatory authority. I was speechless.

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Remember during BLM-I.D. politics riots and looting and Met galas Covid takes a break and just isn’t all that contagious. But let it be a Trump rally or Sturgis biker party and watch out!

No need for a vax when the IFR is much less than 1% and the average age of "death with Covid" is 81 while the typical average age of death is 80. People under 75 y.o. have at worst a 95% full recovery rate. Imperial College, Fauci and the CDC initially projected beyond laughable Covid death rates, projections that never came close to happening. If they had any humility they’d acknowledge the egg all over their faces and resign.

To force a vax on free-thinking freedom lovers by way of them losing their livelihoods and becoming potentially destitute is contemptible, repulsive and beyond jarring to even contemplate. Remember during BLM-I.D. politics riots and looting and Met galas Covid takes a breather and just isn’t contagious.

Israel, Ireland, Mongolia, and Iceland are all very heavily vaxed poppulations and they're all currently seeing steep rises in Covid cases. ADE is a real thing for which more people should be concerned about.

Big Pharma and the testing/surveillance industries are now becoming permanently entrenched, this should terrify everyone (except their investors) as they will never voluntarily relinquish their power, authority, and enormous profits.

Finally, now they care? The elites NEVER gave one whit about us struggling plebs, never. Now they and their handmaidens in the corporate media care? Are you kidding me? Where have they been as it relates to the deindustrialization of the country over the last several decades? The deaths of despair? The diminishing wages, the debt bondage via student loans and healthcare costs? The exponentially rising rents and housing costs? The destruction of our labor unions and right to collectively bargain? The falling minimum wage?

If the ruling class actually cared about us, they would have vehemently and relentlessly promoted Medicare-for-All several years ago. Where the heck have they been?!

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"Let us be clear. Biden did the right thing in terminating the war and he should do the same in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. He has, however, not only done the right thing for the wrong reason, but for a very malign reason..."

This is ostensibly what I said last month on this message board. Great that Biden cut and ran from Afghanistan but we all know it's a move to make it more expeditious to deploy the U.S.-Zio-militarist empire elsewhere.

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I can't speak to those four nations. What I do know is that in the U.S. there's a history of big pharma dictating terms to the FDA with a revolving door between industry and the govt agency. Moreover, it doesn't appear that Sweden, Denmark, Belarus and some others are letting the pharmaceutical industry dominate policy.