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Yeah, and Democrats have done oh so damn much to create a Palestinian state.

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Chomsky should know better. Not "no" better.
The editor regrets the error.

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"...Chomsky told us that it “should be clear that the (Russian) invasion of Ukraine has no (moral) justification...."

Russia bent over backwards for eight yrs trying to reach an amicable diplomatic resolution. Yet the Ziocon/neocons in Washington constantly rebuffed them and had their hand-maidens in the media smear them, they also continued shelling Donbass and even had 100,000 Ukie soldiers lined up ready to invade just prior to Putin pre-empting the Russophobic invasion by initiating his liberating SMO.

No other nation-state would allow the level of harassment and violence on its border region. The Kremlin reacted like any other reasonable nation-state would. Chomsky should no better.

Norman Finkelstein himself is on record correctly asserting that Russia had the RIGHT to do exactly what it's doing with its liberating SMO. The West was behaving similarly to how it conducted itself with Nazi Germany before Operation Barbarossa.

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Most of the world's population understands it was always the Washington-Zio-militarist global empire spreading death and destruction and robbing and pillaging. China and Russia are intent on cooperative commercial relations, building infrastructure, transport, and business hubs.

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And I remember if I said this on Twitter just a couple mos ago (something that was obvious to any critical thinkers) it could get you put on a watch list for spreading Kremlin lies and Putin misinformation.

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It's not really a "US Russia" struggle per se. It's a Washington-Zio-militarist empire proxy war against a sovereign nation that it reviles. The empire's intent on harassing Russia's border (and Kaliningrad) until it can destabilize Moscow enough to get a Yeltsin like quisling into power who will genuflect to Wall St, just like during the 1990s when Russia was robbed and pillaged to the nth degree.

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The old Washington-Zio-militarist dominated unilateral world is slowly but steadily being forced to exit stage right.

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Thank you so much for taking a lot of time out of your day to read many of my tweets!!! It's greatly appreciated!!!

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You are so very, very welcome! :D