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@ Jenny,

If she completely disappeared from public life we'd all be better off for it.

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Utter insanity.

The NY Times actually just ran a piece today headlined, "What if Trump gave Alaska to Putin?"

And here's the kicker: Millions of Times readers will take that premise as seriously as they do their $10 morning latte. The derangement syndrome knows no bounds.

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Great point Haz. I too have noticed a few disturbing trends in Fisk's reports occasionally.

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The Islamic Republic has absolutely no culpability at all in the brutal econ warfare the Washington-Zio Terror Network has been waging on them! None!

This entire hullabaloo can be laid at the doorstep of the careerist militarists in the Pentagon and of course at the feet of the billionaire pro-Israel campaign donors.

It's clear the Western powers are trying to bait Iran into some sort of major
response that could be a casus belli to shore up support from an economically depressed U.S. population for war on Iran. However, some Israeli officials might be having second thoughts after witnessing the pinpoint accuracy of Tehran's missiles on the U.S. base in Iraq and after hearing Hezbollah guarantee that any escalation of hostilities against Iran would mean hundreds of rockets raining down on the Zionist criminal enterprise of Israel.

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Meanwhile, back in the American heartland where I reside, we have tens of millions of citizens who can't come up with $500 for an emergency car repair or dental bill.

Tucker Carlson's not incorrect (I'm paraphrasing) -- the candidate who makes it easier for 30 year olds to buy a house, get married, have kids and escape their debt peonage will win in November.

That's rhetoric and analysis much of the liberal left in America abandoned decades ago for the boutique activism of I.D. politics so, among other things, upper middle class professional women could blast through the law firms' glass ceilings and trans folks could relieve themselves in whichever bathroom they desired.

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How 'bout:

"[Killary] is the favorite of the [bloodsucking investment banks on Wall St], they have a bunch of [corporate media] and [blow dried talking heads] and other ways of supporting [Killary] so far,

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Hopefully all the sanctions and saber rattling don't result in a war, but if so, here's a brief battle cry:

The Washington-Zio war on Iran is NOT the American working class' fight!

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This is a superb essay by the surly Arab.

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The destruction of strong democratic unions and organized labor has been a tragedy for working folks in the U.S. These attacks on workers' solidarity really started to escalate in the early 1980s after Reagan made it trendy with his firing of the Air-Traffic Controllers. A feeding frenzy soon took off with slick well heeled consulting firms swooping into work sites brainwashing employees against the one thing that gives them a voice at the table.

Working people simply do not have any muscle in Congress, state houses across the nation, or anywhere else. We're in a 'take it or leave it' position; low wages are obviously one of the key symptoms.

The American workforce simply does not have the working class consciousness that Western European workers have had for well over 100 years. Until this sense of solidarity comes back we'll witness more deaths of despair and more debt peonage.

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Such a sick and disgusting use of identity politics. Malicious attacks on "Bernie Bros" are blatant smears based on deceit and disinformation.

Killary's as bad as they get.