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<< The Israeli authorities are so worried about the symbol for resistance... >>

Paranoid Psychopaths are not worried about anything. Their history goes back to the first century AD when they were called Synagogues of Satan in Smyrna and Philadelphia and the Throne of Satan in Pergamum. That was the opinion of the King of the Jews expressed in His letters to the Seven Churches.

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The whole world has been cooperating with the Zionists for the last 100 years. That's why the world creates these worthless institutions like the League of Nations and the United Nations. They are part of the Great Charade.

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<< 60 million strong Christian Zionists >>
The Messiah is not a "Zionist" so those who claim to be both Christian and Zionist are in the same place as the misguided people described in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 as being "a synagogue of Satan"..
The Light of the World came to destroy darkness not to edify it.

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Time is moving on and the US continues to regale the world with the demonic delusions of raving paranoid psychopaths.

They've been around since Time started. The first reference was given us 2000 years ago with the Messiah's letter to the Church in Pergamum.
Here in Revelation 2:12 we are told that this was where "Satan has his throne". Of course Satan has moved on a few times since then but we can be assured that he has been in total control of the US since before the Creature crawled out of Jekyll Island when the demons were established to exert total control over Washington DC. The Pentagon isn't a pentagon for nothing and there's plenty of room there for a throne of that significance.
The messages of the Three Angels (Rev 14:6-12) are a timely reminder to people with "the right stuff" of the need to be ready for the beginning of the end.
Self-delusion is Man's greatest weakness

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An article about the Anglo-American interference in the Russian Revolution a century ago would be a very apt tool of comparison at this time.

Any links anybody?

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Somebody just take the lid off the Witch's Brew?

You and the other 300 million minced-beef and pizza consumers just smelled the stench of other people's blood?

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One Father, One Cross, One Word, One Revelation has changed the World. Trust is the only solution and "Love is all you need"

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Actually, "Britain’s global role" has been to provide the Eastern Node of the Axis of Evil across the Atlantic, as agreed between the synagogues of Satan in Westminster and Washington many moons ago, soon after they had launched the Nuclear Age in the immolation of Japan in 1945.
"Our struggle is not against flesh and blood".

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The Media knows very well that its governments are ALL very busy hiding the involvement of many of their members and power-brokers, who are both collectively and individually involved with all forms of the "ongoing grotesque violence against children in a large number of contexts" as Mr. Burrowes so aptly describes it.

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The Bible tells us quite clearly (by implication) that the chicken came first. Homo sapiens were created before the arrival of the sperm by which they were continued. All other creatures that "walked the face of the earth" who were created before "Man" also appeared as working objects.

Nobody will understand the Truth of the Word if they have closed minds or prefer the nonsense that is constantly being spoken by that other fallen creature known as the most cunning of all God's creatures. It finds it very comfortable sitting on shoulders whispering in unguarded ears.