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<<The United States has dropped out of the top 20 list of “cleanest countries”>>

It never happened. The most evil nation that ever existed on this planet can never have been anywhere except down in the sludge at the bottom of the cesspit.

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<<On Syria, he said it was “time to give our brave warriors a warm welcome home.”>>

Being expected to get excited by this sort of continuous brain-dead utterance coming from the mouths of the persona of Washington DC is probably the main reason why Tom is having such a difficult time achieving an expanding supporters group for ICH.

The World is long past having any interest in the opinions of the nation that for 75 years has been demonstrating the nature of its leaders as being totally psychopathic and unfitted for leading even a girl-guides tea party.

Maybe an invitation direct to Mr. Putin to submit a series of articles outlining how Russia, with appropriate cooperation from Western nations, would be more effective as a world leader, would boost ICH readership enormously

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Finian's "Western media.. are foghorns for lies and disinformation"
is an excellent conclusion to his article.
The trouble is, that same Western media has destroyed the whole of Europe in the process because the warning device has been pointed in the wrong direction. The European "civilisation" that its citizens believed they were heading towards has completely disappeared. The coup de grace was the recent peculiar nuptials announced by those faded principals of France and Germany. When the fog finally clears, the reality will be mind-boggling for the masses.

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<<I say Vladimir Putin has done his and our people a disservice by not engaging in public diplomacy with the American and European peoples>>

Putin wears a cross.
Following the ways of the Lord has never been understood by the Devil's disciples.

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Any form of negotiation with the US is a waste of time. There isn't an honourable man among their negotiators worth a second look never mind the time of day.

Total Isolation is on the Agenda. It won't be long before it's inevitable.
Revelation 18:2,3 describe it well.
It seems that Russia and China are reading the signs better than the Europeans of NATO are able to.

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Yes. Europe has been suffering this herpes for 75 years. Yet the hapless constituents still keep voting in the same old right wing conservative, Tory or what have you bunch of self-serving politicians that can't open their mouths without spitting lies and venom about societies and communities.

Unfortunately, believe it or not, in societies and communities is exactly what the God who created everything said was the way for Homo Sapiens to live.

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It isn't a "conflict". The World knew 17 years ago that the demolition of the Twin Towers was the usual Useless States tactic of a "false flag" to initiate the mass aerial bombardment of Afghans. They probably thought it would be as easy as the "Turkey Shoot" that they had employed to destroy the Iraqi army returning from Kuwait in 1992.
Initiating conflict and wars is the Useless States normal methodology of endearing itself to the world it wants to rule.
It defines a major symptom of every lunatic that has escaped the asylum. Symptoms of the same lunacy are increasingly evident in the right wing governments of the hapless trio of "special relations" in France ,Germany and the UK.

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<<They aren't "relegated" to that condition. They wind up there because they come from a different culture>>

Are you including the "niggers" from West Africa in that derogatory opinion?
When did the citizens of the US manage to create this "culture" that you compare them with? Mr. Huerta gave us an excellent potted history of that part of the United States history where, alongside Mexicans, they appeared to be endeavoring to teach Filipinos, Hawaiians, Africans, as well as indigenous North Americans, how to "become cultured".
I distinctly recall that back in the 1940's when Englanders were waiting in anticipation for the Yanks to show them how to beat "the Hun" (while allowing plenty of time for the Hun to take out their Russian opposition), it wasn't long before a colloquialism heard in common use to describe something that was useless was to call it "U.S."

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<< Are you sensitive to those who are "rising to the bait of religion bashing?? >>
No. Just pointing out that a favourite topic for the surfacing of trollers on a big scale is anything that suggests that "religion" isn't worth the time of day.

There is nobody more religious than the poor people who are besotted with so-called "sport" on American TV. I would agree with you that that is "a self destructive mass hypnosis" which leads to people growing up being unable to discern the difference between Truth and "religion". But that's a brainwashing that's very good for business, so it's all right?

What would you say was "religious" about a man putting up with dying a death like that bestiality of crucifixion

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The five "Faiths" mentioned are the popular ones promoted by mere mortals.

Those who put their Trust in God (The Reality of Genius, Love and Power) already know that the End will come quickly and will be a surprise to those who put their trust in the foolish ideas of mere mortals.

It remains to be seen whether the imminent collapse of the United States and its hangers-on in the NATO alliance will be the one described as the Fall of the Great Babylon, (which is so fast that it will take the losers breath away) or will be something worse and yet to come.

It might be rather a shame not to have the opportunity to see what the New Russian empire can do to stave of the mess that has been built around the world by, surely, the most evil Empire that has ever existed on this planet.