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A classic exposition of a Truth that was exposed by no less than the King of the Jews 2000 years ago when He identified that 45% of His nascent Church was being sorely tried by those "who call themselves Jews but who are not but are synagogues of Satan".
(Rev. 2,9&13, & 3,9)
Just like everybody else, their days are numbered!

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<<a punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous approach>>
describes exactly the nature of the Tory and Conservative parties that have been wrecking the (dis) United Kingdom since the time of the Reformation.
While King John might have been before his time his magnanimity of 1215 was never achieved by the magnates of the Palace of Westminster, who have continuously degenerated down to the sordid levels of the current treasonous crowd who seem to be intent on competing with their special relations in the chambers housing the paranoid psychopaths in Washington DC.

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Interesting article and many good comments. But the only thing that matters is what God said to the Hebrews around 3500 years ago:
"The land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Throughout the country that you hold as a possession you must provide for its redemption". Leviticus 23, 24.

You could say that's near enough to the centre of the Torah that it is the Bull's Eye. All the waffle out of the zionist State is Bull's offal.

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What a great article by Mr. Edwards!
His wonderful use of grammatical inflection pulverized the inanities of Organised Crime Inc.

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As is appropriate, Mr. Putin is fond of playing the gentleman of State Representatives, but I don't think it's going to be long before he stops calling the US "our partners".
His nation has the Christian historical resources to know that Satan long since moved his throne from Pergamum through a sequence of European capitals, but has been comfortably conducting his war against the faithful from Washington DC since around 1913.

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It's always so refreshing hearing these sensible exchanges emanating from the mouths of politicians, correspondents and leaders of the Russian Federation compared with those generated by the paranoid and psychopathic principals of the NATO alliance.
It's the difference between floating around in the well oxygenated upper reaches of a goldfish bowl and that found at the bottom of a septic tank.

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What a classic example of the abject cynicism of the BBC's so-called "News".
They run a headline that suggests a credible comment from a very experienced politician and popular leader of a stable nation, and then take up 87% of the interview to do a hatchet job on his personal record on everything except the subject.
They are a disgrace to the ancient English Nation and the sooner the hatchet is applied to their roots and their sponsors in the fascist "Tory" party the better for the world.
Of course, Mahathir Mohamad hit the nail squarely on the head with his statement. He could have added a bit of colour by reminding the world what the King of the Jews said about their "leaders" long ago, but then it's not the task of a Moslem to do that is it?

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What a fabulous "sock-it" and see article!

The Conlapayara Women must have heard about Genesis 2 which infers unequivocally that women are the Pinnacle of God's Creation, a finale that moved Homo sapiens to the highest level of God's intention, accompanied by the exclamation: "Now that's 'Very Good'!! "

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<< The Israeli authorities are so worried about the symbol for resistance... >>

Paranoid Psychopaths are not worried about anything. Their history goes back to the first century AD when they were called Synagogues of Satan in Smyrna and Philadelphia and the Throne of Satan in Pergamum. That was the opinion of the King of the Jews expressed in His letters to the Seven Churches.

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The whole world has been cooperating with the Zionists for the last 100 years. That's why the world creates these worthless institutions like the League of Nations and the United Nations. They are part of the Great Charade.