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The BBC is hopelessly out of date! Deliberately!
2000 years ago the King of the Jews warned His Church that 43% of it was afflicted by dullards who thought they were Jews but were not. They are still around today.

In England, Douglas Reed wrote a whole series of seminal books between 1937 and 1951 in which, amongst much else, he revealed the unwanted influence of those who called themselves Jews in the affairs leading up to and beyond the WW2 both in the UK and the US.
When the people who elected Jeremy Corbyn get their next shot at voting for Parliament, don't be surprised by the massive swing to Labour. They represented the younger generation many of whom haven't bothered to vote yet. It was the younger generation that swung the vote in 1956 that got rid of the last pre-war Conservative Prime Minister who had secretly gone to war against Egypt with their Zionist friends.

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Thanx for pointing out that inflammatory opinion in the article.
That destroyed the whole value of it.
So, who cares about what the "right" in the US think about Socialism.
The US has always been the Bad Apple and should never have been allowed to be in the barrel.

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The United Nations HQ is situated 215 miles from the Pentagon where Satan has its throne. It was put their by design to ensure it did as it's told.

You will never find truth in man-made institutions that aren't working strictly under the influence of the "Gift that God has promised". It's a given.

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Send Trump a bill?
When the masses of Europe finally break through the puerile indifference of their fascist governments, the first thing that will have caused it is the breaking of diplomatic relations between European countries and the US with an accompanying dumping of the US dollar as a "reserve currency".
The Russians, Chinese and Indians have shown the way.

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Revelation 18 just around the corner.
The fall of Babylon, except it's not talking about Ancient Babylon.

The 'weepers' and 'mourners' will be all from the "good old US of A" along with their vile minions among the NATO countries.
Without precedent, the love of money has been in charge on a world scale since 1914, unleashing evil beyond compare. The mechanised WW2 rapidly followed WW1 and Douglas Reed declared WW3 would start in Korea and the US obliged by carpet bombing North Korea into oblivion right on cue in 1950.
The merchants of the earth will be weeping because the green-back dollar will have become worthless.
"In one hour, such great wealth has been brought to ruin!"

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"Immigration" is a consequence of "Emigration" .
The mass of emigration under discussion is caused by the US and its NATO allies.
It was caused by the sheer evil minded who control and govern those countries.
It certainly was not voluntary.

The evil minded have no concept of the meaning of the parable of the good Samaritan.
They will find out very soon. It may be too late for their salvation.

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<<For British officials to now pontificate to Beijing about "democratic rights" in Hong Kong ........... illustrates the utter conceit and hypocrisy of Britain’s government on this matter.>>

It also reflects the innate corruption of the entire Government structure in the UK that had its foundation with the arrival of the Trojan Horse carrying that very worst of English politicians , Anthony Blair and his self proclaimed "New Labour". That has almost wrecked the country by forcing a perverse form of "conservatism" while pretending it was an updated "socialism".

It would have succeeded if not for the small but effective group of real socialists that have surrounded their chosen leader Corbyn who now awaits for the Autumn when the conservative prattle surrounding "Brexit" can be drowned out once and for all.

The rot of Tory mismanagement accelerated way back in 1979 when Thatcher took over and enhanced the handover of British sovereignty into the hands of the European Unionists and created an unemployment figure of 3 million after only 8 months of rule.

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<<for many evangelical Christians, there is no political figure whom they have loved more than Donald Trump>>

Christians don't love political figures. They trust Christ in everything and keep their love clean by avoiding mere mortals for opinions or direction.

When Christians become 'evangelicals' instead of evangelising they have lost the plot, usually because of the lure of television and all its secular attractions that overwhelm them.

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<< the fear expressed on both sides of that Washington conversation was that the Labour leader might soon become Britain’s prime minister >>

There lies the nub of the whole issue:
that the best thing since sliced bread could happen in English politics whereby the influence of sheer fascism that has been the mark of so-called "conservatism" in the Palace of Westminster for the past 200 years could finally be thrown out by the man best fit for the task.

After a very long career serving constituents while constantly being the lone ranger facing an array of rabid dogs, all carefully subsidised, trained and nurtured by their "Special Relations" in Washington DC, it's not surprising that the only dung they could find to throw at Mr. Corbyn was the hackneyed old chestnut of so-called "anti semitism".
The collapse of the whole European Union circus is on the cards and the next election in GB is critical to achieving that but will only happen if the British people are allowed to have it.

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2000 years ago, the King of the Jews dictated seven letters to the seven principal churches that had been established. In them He identified that 43% of His followers were being hindered and attacked by people who called themselves Jews but who were not. The King of the Jews called them "Synagogues of Satan".

Those who go around calling other people "Anti-Semites" without due care for their own position should realise they are on very dangerous territory. Spiritual warfare is not for those without the necessary spiritual armour and intelligence. (Ephesians 6:11-18)