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And many condolences to the Forgy family.

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DA Garnett and the Boulder Police need some training and oversight.

Let's start with this video: In America (said with appropriate redneck accent), it is still acceptable for a cop to murder someone and call it "justifiable" - even a white boy in rich whiteville who is naked and having a bad trip, armed only with a hammer. In the UK, two unarmed cops, one female can subdue a perp with an 8" blade?

Justified? BS. I don't want this murderous cop on the streets or near anyone I care about, especially if he is armed.

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Must preserve crappy bungalow on 12th St against owner's wishes. Must preserve (check) rebuild a coal shed.

Let's destroy something we already said is a Landmark?

The bigger question is why do crappy structures like the bandshell get landmarked in the first place?

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Anyone who believes livable boulder or PLAN-Boulder is looking out for the middle class, need only study history. For the past 40 plus years these same people different names have controlled local government and implemented policies that have made Boulder both beautiful and increasingly unaffordable. When you combine a moat of open space, height, density and growth limits, and add in great weather, proximity to mtns, university, national labs, and a thriving economy, the perfect storm for demand far exceeding supply has been created.

We've also exported sprawl to Ls and beyond, ignored regional and local transportation problems, and created the worst environmental problem for our community - 60,000 single occupancy commuters coming and leaving each work day. Carbon the city ignores in its bogus muni calculations.

Whatever you think of the aesthetics of the new development - not much my taste - denying that increased housing supply will help appease some demand is like denying the rising of the sun. But just look at the PLAN cronies and their neo-conservative policies and you can see the utter denial of unintended consequences and lack of real strategy for our children, great grandchildren.

When these same people pushed through compatible development, it was clear that they would further enrich the wealthy and hurt middle income families. You recent property tax notices tell an interesting story. Why have people with smaller lots and homes seen proportionally higher taxes? The data are scary.

And now the strategy from these zealots is to restrict supply further while making it even more expensive for every square inch of space in the city, and promoting caps on job growth. Now that's a great plan. Right? Instead we need forward thinking leadership that understands that when land is so dear, we're all going to have to make compromises and rethink how we more effectively share space.

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These people see no bias when the city unethically schlocky the muni or when paid muni consultants violate the same language in their contracts.

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A train station perfectly placed at a bend in the curve where the train that will never come couldn't stop anyway. And now this.

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Great story! Bill Conner - I hope you have as much fun sailing it as you have bringing it to life. I came to CO 26 yrs ago to be with some friends I met in Thailand who'd taken six years to build their sailboat, then spent the next 11 sailing around half the world.

All the best!

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Meanwhile, in 2013 while contracted by the city to do branding for the city's muni efforts, local president of this agency penned an LTE in the daily in support of the Muni in apparent violation of the same speaking publicly clause without written permission that the city claimed Ms. Boone violated.

Pomerance, you going to call for an investigation?

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Ms. Boone performed on her private time. Thank goodness the Boulder ersatz liberals can't restrict protected speech.

Your LTE is far more profane than anything Ms. Boone said in her engaging, entertaining, inspiring ignite presentation. Go back to your All in the Family reruns and see yourself in Archie's chair.