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The median sales price for a single family home in Boulder is $527,000 - that means there are as many above as below that price. Average is meaningless (which is why people like you keep harping on average when median actually tells the story you want to tell). FYI - the median for single family homes in Denver is $310,000. So, yes, Boulder is more expensive than Denver - but we knew that already.

You can actually afford a $370,000 home with an income of $75K - yes that assumes at least 10% down and a willingness to take on a hefty payment now (it will stay pretty much the same over the 30 years of the loan but your salary will go up). I know that sounds bad but the median income in Boulder for 2013 was $71,604... sounds like the people who live here can afford to live here - and they aren't rich by any stretch of the word. Can the "median" income afford the "median home" - NO, but not everyone can live in a single family house - some people live in condos which are much more affordable. But the "median" income can afford one of the "cheaper" homes if they want a single family house - it's all about deciding what you really want and going for it.

Learn the difference between average and median and a bit about economics and budget. You just don't want to afford Boulder - you want someone else to pay for you to live here.

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IF young people make the choice to spend less on their dwelling (percentage wise) than those that went before it is their problem. Buying our first home required that we spend over half of our take home pay each month on a mortgage payment - it was tough but we decided it was worth it. You can do the same - drive an old car (or none at all) eat all your meals at home, and shop at Lucky's not Whole Foods... etc. No one is going to hand you a nice place to live for what you want to pay - you want something, be willing to pay for it.

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For most of us the stopping point should have been ten years ago - your mileage may vary but even then things were getting out of hand. Small homes are fine - tiny apartments in massive buildings are not - it's the massive buildings we object to, not the small home.

As I've said before - six adults living in a six bedroom family house (and that's what the house was built for - a family, not a group of unrelated adults) have a much greater impact on a neighborhood than a family - there's no way around that one. So, no, six unrelated adults should NOT be permitted to live in a house designed and built for a single family to occupy - that's what "single family home" means.

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The look like what we used to call "workers lockers" in East Germany - not very nice at all. Just cram them in. I don't want more development at all but most importantly, no more "workers lockers".

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the neighbors wanted what they wanted - they supported building single family homes which is what the area is zoned for. Changing a zoning to allow for higher density is a taking from the people who bought into a low density neighborhood relying on the zoning to keep it low density. You are so very wrong here - neighborhoods should indeed have the right to insist that government not capriciously change zoning to serve a developer's interest. 300 and 301 will go a long way towards keeping rampant development in line. If you want high density buildings in your neighborhood go drum up support for them - otherwise shut up and stay out of other people's business. Changing zoning is not a right - not even close. It's time for law suits and anything it takes to keep zoning where it is now - no variances and no density increases. Boulder is full. If you can't afford to live here go elsewhere.

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I've driven down Folsom at various times of day (mostly late afternoon to early evening - times when there is a lot of general traffic) and I quite honestly do not notice that much of a change. Sorry. The speed limit on Folsom is 30 and I've never had trouble doing 30 (well, except when stopping at a light, of course). Perhaps if I traveled this route every single day i might notice an uptick in the amount of time it takes to get from Iris to Canyon, but for the once a week I do use it - I see no difference really, just have to pay a bit more attention.

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You want to talk about policies that people couldn't vote on - look no further than the draft. Your generation is incredibly blessed that they are not being conscripted to fight in a foreign war. Your generation has rarely known any hardship - the world was handed to them and they think that's how it should always be.

Five unrelated people living in a five bedroom FAMILY house has a much greater impact on a neighborhood than a family with three children. Stop thinking only about yourself for a change and realize that five unrelated adults are not a family - they have five separate lives and most likely five cars. The house was built for a family, not a flop house.

As for climate change - the boomers are the ones who sounded the alarm. There are good and bad actors in every generations but were it not for boomers climate change would have been successfully swept under the rug and ignored for years longer - you wouldn't even be aware of it yourself.

If you want to live in Boulder you are going to have to spend about 50% of your take home pay for a place to live - that's what we did and we managed to survive - you can do it too.

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Just curious - when did you arrive in Boulder? I've been here since January '69 - yes I came from Jersey and my partner came from Denver (East high grad class of '66) - when did you arrive and where did you come from? Buying a home and paying off college loans has always been difficult - I was 29 before getting that first house and I was still paying my loans off at the same time. Boulder was the most expensive place to live even then - it will never be cheap and we are never going to subsidize it for you.

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I hope this law suit bankrupts the Erie schools - they deserve no less.

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If you want to behave as if your home is a hotel - pay the same taxes as a hotel. Pretty simple really.