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One would think Netanyahu knows all of the above.

What threats is he hearing from our American 'friends' to make him pay even lip service to Kerry's idiocies?

3 long years left to go with Israel's greatest American enemy in power.

Tough spot.

Israel neutralizing Iran would go a long way towards ending its vassal status with the US. Time to spread her wings and fly - but there are risks involved.

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Nowhere where I post.

I also find Commentary far less interesting now that they have banned comments. I hardly bother to read the posts. its too frustrating not be be able to correct them ;)

How about you?

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Yes, saw that. She is quite shrill, but kinda hot ;).

She did hang out with some unsavory white supremacists fora while in Belgium, so its not a new thing for her.

But the UK is lost. Good riddance, I say. Its because of them that arabs and Jews are fighting over the postage stamp.

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Closed to comments. Too bad. I guess the criticisms they were getting were starting to hurt? Or they can;t pay someone to moderate.

Where are you hanging these days to vent?

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Reform was a way to ease assimilation, make Jews more palatable to the non-Jews. It didn't work out so well for the German Jewish originators, but stubborn as they were, they brought the concept here, and tried to lock out their 'embarrassing' eastern European brothers before and during the war, and today the reform movement distinguishes itself by criticizing Israeli attempts at self defense. Reform Judaism embraces what is convenient, stylish, and lubricating with the wider society. Without ahavat Israel, there is no Judaism, just leftism, left in Reform Judaism. They will argue they love it, but want it better, nobler, more righteous than it is, but that is the same double standard the nations of the world use to vilify her.

They will 'expect better of her' to her death, if given a chance. Fortunately, no one in Israel pays them any mind. Israelis know reform Judaism is a death spiral. If you want to know why it is marginalized politically in Israel, that is the reason.

They are breeding themselves out of existence, fortunately. Hopefully, they won't do too much political danage to Israel before they exit the stage.

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What about Bin Laden?

He displayed a resolute jaw, as he firmly laid down his coffee mug, or was it perhaps looking up from his tee off the 11th, and said 'Let's do this. Hand me the 3 iron please. '

That is leadership, my friends.

A spine of steel, as Joe Biden said (over and over and over).

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I don't wish he'd go back to Kenya.

I would be very happy for him to move to Kenya. Or Switzerland, or Outer Mongolia.

Preferably before his term ends. Like tomorrow.

I would say exactly the same about Alan Grayson, and the Bob Bekel.

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'Jordan' can be their country. Currently, an imported, illegitimate, minority 'king' rules over that territory, which happens to include other ancestral Jewish lands, not unintentionally, thanks to British betrayal of the Jews.

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Exactly. It is a negation of the value of Jewish life.

Never mind your blood and tears, and your children's brains dashed on rocks by the beach or pulped in a cave or throats slit as they sleep and blood drunk. Suck it up, Jews/Israel, so the arabs will like us (USA) a smidgen better.

That the arabs hate the USA more than ever at this point is irrelevant. That the arabs hate and disrespect those that appease them more than those that dominate them is irrelevant.

The correct line is that they are just like us, and have their narrative that must be respected. It is the actual history and experiences of the Jews that it is OK to throw out the window, run over with a truck, set on fire, and then ignore.

Until Israel breaks free of American vassalage, that is the future never ending.

Shame on Tobin for making Israel a passive player in what happens there, waiting only for the arabs to deign to pretend to make or want 'peace'.

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"Until the same is true of the Palestinians, peace is nowhere in sight."

So says Tobin.

Peace will come far sooner than that, but it will not depend on anything the arabs do or don't do. It will depend on what Israel finally does. Peace can come about through negotiations. It can also come about through absolute victory of one side over the other. People forget that sometimes, but that is the way it has been throughout history.

The arabs who call themselves palestinians have forfeited their right to have a say, and a state, a long time ago.

Sooner or later, that will become clear even to social workers like Tobin who believe everyone is redeemable.