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The moral equivalence here is irritating. In his speeches and in public asides, Rand Paul continually signals the Pat Buchanan Isolationists that he and his father are not very far apart. The elder Cruz's mild racism (if indeed it was) does not compare. And neither compares to Obama sitting in church with his wife and children for twenty years listening to Jeremiah Wright's racist and seditious rants.

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",,,a gulf between civilizations..."

Exactly. One civilization honors human freedom and dignity and celebrates life; the other preaches submission, practices slavery and glorifies death.

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"...There is a partial exception: the “five eyes” alliance..."

Save for CIA interference in Australian elections (back in the nineteen-seventies, if I recall correctly.)

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Fine piece. Clear analysis, brutal conclusion. A must-read.

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Happily there is a position between gvaltism and complacency. Stay sharp and keep your powder dry.

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Something is rotten in Norway. The Jew-hating, Nazi-loving Norwegians.

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Only the containment and elimination of Communism was as fixed and consistent a doctrine in the State Department as the containment and elimination of Zionism. Now that the Soviet Union has collapsed, the eunuchs at State can concentrate their doctrinal hostility on finishing Israel. The Department of State was opposed to the founding of the Jewish state in 1948 and they have been trying to put the genie back in the bottle ever since.

Though overtly political, the hostility toward both Communism and Zionism has deep religious underpinnings. The shift by the Crusaders from longtime support of the Sunni followers of the illiterate Prophet to support for their rival Shias is the only news.

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Israel has no more choice in continuing this charade than prominent medieval rabbis had in participating in formal Jewish/Christian debates. The ground rules precluded any criticism of Christian doctrine and the judges were loyal churchmen but the Christians insisted that the playing field was level and the debate was fair and the rabbis were forced to participate.

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Leftist ideology trumps reality yet again. The State Department's role in the middle East has always been duplicitous.

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"...The Jewish supporters of Dear Leader are the most sheepish and mindless individuals you will ever find..."

Some are mindless sheep. Others--those who are journalists especially-- are craven opportunists profiting from the fact that Jews is news. Jew baiting for dollars is what the NYT is all about. Absent his highly public stance on Israel, Beinart would be just one more anonymous hack writing for TNR. Friedman parlayed criticism of Israel into a king's fortune. Then there are politicians like Senator Chucky Shvitzer of New York willing to sell out Israel and their their Jewish constituents for one more inch up the greasy pole.