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Just a word to those like Brian Sussman on KSFO who claimed that "you don't practice with hollow points." Wrong, all Federal agencies conduct training and qualification with their duty issue hollow point ammunition. And the DHS purchase was for .40 caliber ammunition, not 9 mm.

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Prempitive surrender to the ideologues is not a policy that one should follow. Like homosexual marriage, stop and frisk should be left to the legislature, but the fact that legislatures are accedding to the demands of the radical left is not a rational arguement that courts should not be involved.

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Santorum is a sore looser. Like Marco Rubio, he has been eclipsed by Ted Cruz who is a better politician and more likely to get the nomination. Santorum is no winner. He lost his last re-election fight and lost the nomination in 2012 by a huge amount. He thinks he can ally with the establishment he so bitterly denounced a few short years ago and crawl oever the bloody political body of Ted Cruz to the nomination in 2016. Not very likely. He is more than yesterday's news and unelectable. The nomination today is Cruz' to loose. It will never go to Santorum, a proven looser of elections.

Politics do make strange bedfellows though. But Santorum's actions are so clear to anyone watching that he sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver, or at least the praise of the Democrat media and the RINOs who lost the defunding fight. Santorum has no future in politics other than as a spoiler or tool of the establishment.

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Even better would be to force lazy welfare recipients to pay for their own presciption drugs.

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Note that "Customs Agents" were special agents and were transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. What the author probably meant was Customs Inspectors, but he also left out Immigration Inspectors, who also became part of CBP. This seemingly minor error actually is fairly serious for an academic claiming a special knowledge of the problems of CBP and the border. It underlies the real problem, corruption, not brutality. The OIG report did not offer any evidence of any systematic brutality, which was well known before hand as Senator Menendez was well know for his hyperbole regarding allegations of brutality while the real threat is corruption. Meril's article is less than useless and shows how desperate the radical left is on the issue of the border.

Obviously CBP should be using the polygraph to screen applicants and it should be used during investigations of misconduct, but CBP has no authority to polygraph without reason all of its officers and agents who were not polygraphed prior to hiring. That would be enormously expensive and legally unenforceable.

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Afghanistan's future is an immediate collapse of the Afghan government in Pashtun areas, plain and simple. The Pashtun/non-Pashtun is the major divide in Afghanistan. And the Pashtuns are the puppets of Al Queda, the Taliban and Pakistan.

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Most Arabs in the United States consider the arrest to be an attack because most Arabs in the United States support terrorism and Islamic supremecism.

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Interesting, as most of the rest of the government uses GovTrip, which works very well. It though also requires the use of a travel agent making the bookings and the contractor, SATO Travel, charges for each telephone call. FEMA still uses National Travel as its travel contractor and they provide a live agent for all travel activity but charge a single fee, about $25.00 for each initial reservation, with unlimited changes. National Travel will also provide extra service free, including contacting airlines to obtain the GSA fare on airline tickets on airlines that don't have the government contract fare. This saves the traveler time, as they can chose between competing airports where there are a choice of available airports, as in DC, San Francisco, and New York metro areas where there are several airports to chose from.

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And Commentary wants to amnesty tens of thousands of other Palestinians, many of whom are supporters of terrorism directed not only against the United States, but against Israel as well. Commentary should stop and think about their support for amnesty for terrorism supporters from radicalized countries like Palestine.

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Staying on the offensive is good politics. That is Reid and Obama do. That is how you win. Boehner and McConnell played defense and defeatist, and, predictably, they lost. Losers go on the defense. Winners go on the offense. And it helps if when on the offense, you are both morally and factually correct, like Cruz.

Thanks for nothing, losers at Commentary.