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This man WILL go down in history... RIP Andrew

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The ONLY thing that Obama wants is POWER. Beware.

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Most know that it was the Democrats wearing the "White Sheets".

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They are in the White House... just saying...

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I feel like Arlen Specter (sp) "I have not left the Republican Party, the Republican Party has left me." I agree with all the comments here. I have a dread feeling that our Country is at the edge of cliff, and we are running full speed over it. I hate that feeling. But I will try and keep the faith, and pray for a miracle.

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I did a search of ( round up gays and put them in camps) scary stuff.

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WTH is going on? Did they have a pamphlet on murder too? This makes me heartsick.

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I think you will see more and more stories like this, leaking the truth about the Dem party. The tide is turning slightly, not much, but just slightly.

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He did not take the noble route, they made him quit. He is an old warhorse, put out to pasture. If more cameras were around his buddies would be right beside him.