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The radical left has had a violent revolution wet dream for as long as I can remember. And now they think they can start one.

Go ahead, libertards. Make my day. Every bottle thrown, every car overturned, every building torched, every innocent bystander hurt will isolate you further and further from the majority of the country.

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That was actually my fist thought, too.

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It won't happen. Mayor Rahm would have a fit, and Obama needs him to help carry Illinois.

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I know Canada and Australia both require photo ID before voting. Any other countries? I'll bet most of the developed world does. Sounds to me like the United States is the country lacking in this regard.

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Absolute win!

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Just wait until May rolls around, when the same losers will gather in Chicago and protest the G8 & NATO summits. Also, watch for the MSM to fall in love with them all over again and spend 2-3 weeks trying to tell (and sell) the world that the protests are all "spontaneous" and "home grown",

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I fervently wish even one of our candidates would confront the Democrats on their connections to these communist groups. Call them out and force the Democrats to defend communism. Liberal politicians have for years gotten away with equating conservatives with fascism and racism on the flimsiest of evidence, yet Democrat links to radical marxist ideology are far stronger and far, far more prevalent. Its a piece of hanging fruit just waiting to be picked, yet none on our side are willing to grab for it.

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Yes, they will. They are already planning for it. They will claim that since the 1% control everything, they will have no other choice but to get more violent. Oh, and all the time they will claim that they were doing it for the good of "99%", and anyone who opposes them must be a "fascist". They are so wedded to their delusions that the very idea that most people in this country find their actions and behavior repulsive is simply inconceivable.

This will not end well. And when it finally does turn violent, watch as the media manufacture a way to somehow blame the right.

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Will Voter ID be in place by the time the recall election happens? Because if these people are willing to cheat their way to get a recall vote, they'll certainly be willing to cheat their way to an election win.

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Sadly, I think the Occupy morons are just going to go into hibernation for the next several months. They'll erupt again once its spring. It'll take more than a few riots and overwhelming public disdain for their egos to subside.